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  1. The grand tour , season 1 , ep12 SVA vs Bentyga vs FApace

    General Chatter
    Tonight's episode 12 , season 1 on Amazon right now , does a entertaining road test of the 3 with the 3 goof balls . Enjoy
  2. The Grand Tour/Top Gear reboot

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Trailer #2 for The Grand Tour (Amazon's rebooted version of Top Gear) features a Range Rover Sport. http://jalopnik.com/the-grand-tours-latest-promo-is-just-what-we-want-to-se-1784034866 Not in a good way. :shock::tongue:
  3. Landrover off-road Experience & Factory Tour

    General Chatter
    Hey guys, I am kinda new here but I decided to share a bit from my experience at the LR factory in Solihull - where RR,RRS,Discovery and Defender are assembled. First I went for the half day off-road pack plus factory tour - I was supposed to tour the factory first, then have the drive - it...
  4. Anyone have LR factory tour experience?

    General Chatter
    Heading to London this weekend and would like to visit a Land Rover site? Seems Solihull is the one to see, but may be too much of a journey from London. Anyone have any experience, thoughts, tour suggestions? There are a few comments on the "general chatter" forum but somewhat dated and...
  5. VIP Range Rover Manufacturing Tour?

    General Chatter
    Has anyone done the VIP Range Rover Manufacturing Tour at Solihull? http://www.solihull.landroverexperience.co.uk/Tour/VIP-Range-rover-manufacturing-tour
  6. Factory Tour

    General Chatter
    My wife and I are wanting to visit England this August/September. Of course, we are wanting to visit Solihull and take the factory tour along with the driving experience. My question is this, has anyone ordered a new Land Rover and then flew over to Solihull to see it come down the line? I have...
  7. Michelin Latitude Tour HP vs LTX M/S

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    I'm looking for a new set of tires for the Rover. I have a '98 HSE with the 18's. I would like Michelins but I'm open to others if they're really that great. I'm looking at the Latitude Tour, the Latitude Tour HP, and the LTX M/S. Which would you guys recommend? I'm sure someone has these tires...
  8. New Tire Review: Michelin Latitude Tour HP

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Finally changed out my 275/45/20 yoko parada spec x to 275/40/20 Michelin Latitude Tour HP. According to my tire shop, I did about 20k miles on my yoko's in 10 months.... jeebus. I need to stop taking road trips when I have vacation time. First impressions are that the Michelins ride MUCH better...