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  1. Tornado chip

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Anyone here who installed a Tornado chip? Is it noticable? If yes, just a bit, or quite a bit? Bought a chip for the Commodore once, what costed only $35 and made a bit of a difference, but these are just over the top.. As far as I know NA engines usually don't gain much with chipping. So...
  2. ACT Trumpets and Tornado Chip

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Well I guess I'm taking my life in my hands as I say that the cars been running great but thought I'd give some information on my latest upgrade. The car's a 1997 4.6 which has a low mileage (3000 ish miles)top hatted engine and recently installed recon (Bristols) gearbox. We got to the position...
  3. Re-Chipping a 3.9l ?

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello, I've been wanting more power and or improved MPG out of my 94' 3.9l RRC. After doing some reading, I stumbled upon Tornado and Optimax ECU Chips. I don't know much other than what the company claims it can do. Has anyone re-chipped their Classics? Is re-chipping something I...
  4. Favorite song alert or tornado warning?

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    So I added a couple of songs onto my 'favorites' list whilst listening to Sirius/XM. Has anyone else heard the audible alert to let the driver know that one of their songs is playing on a satellite channel? It was so loud I thought a cataclysm like a 747 landing on my roof was imminent, I...
  5. Tornado Systems (Mark Adams) - Gearbox Chips

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Evening Gents, I had a long and interesting Range Rover related conversation on the phone with Mark Adams of Tornado Systems a couple of weeks ago and then again today. We currently have two Range Rover P38's with 4.6 GEMS setups in them. Both are running single point LPG and both are now...
  6. Tornado chips and rough idle

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hello all Last weekend I received my new toys - a set of Tornado chips. I hooked up my Faultmate, checked for faults (none) then installed the new chips. Any easy job and no hiccups. I started the engine and reset the adaptive values to start afresh. That is when I noticed that the car was...
  7. And I thought boats were expensive to maintain :) pshaw

    New Member Introductions
    B.O.A.T. = Break Out Another Thousand! I am a Certified Merchant Mariner with Masters Boat Captain License and captained a salvage, towing, rescue & pilot launch vessel in Philly before moving to Atlanta to attend medical school right after getting married. My wife and i were planning on having...