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  1. tyre inflator connetor

    General Chatter
    not very technical but since my stroke last april i struggle to the tyre compressor/inflator onto the tyre valves my company car has a little 12v compressor which screws onto the valve which makes it easy - try as I might i cannot find a pipe/replacement for my air compressor which will screw...
  2. Oh My - Off topic

    General Chatter
    So, I have had my RR ATB LWB for a month now and I am loving it. Pimento, white/black roof. I've had a lot of premium cars over my life including many RR's. This is the best car I've ever had. My wife drives a BMW 750Li and she loves it. Also have BMW 650 convertible. So, last night we go to...
  3. Old topic about heater controls

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I've tried searching. ( as best I can lol ) I'm sure I see a post about some Owner changing the hearing controls on the early l322 to newer 2006+ I believe. Just getting little bored of my interior after being in my mates sport lol. Needs a freshen up haha Many thanks in advance Sent...
  4. PCV Replacement - old topic, I know

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Today I'm going to replace the PCV valve. I've watched Storey's videos and have read all the posts I could find on the forum (and others). Since I'm sick (cold) I don't want to mess this up! :shock: One post I found had a reply from Phil and said: Re: PCV Hose Replacement - PhotosMight be...
  5. Off Topic : Open Mic Performance I Figured I'd Share

    General Chatter
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLSYzSSqOPU Nothing special or fancy just sharing with this awesome community to get any feedback... good, bad, terrible, suggestions, etc... come one come all. And def watch the last two minutes if you like guitar work.. use a Line 6 loop pedal system to do...