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  1. Howdy from Texas

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Stoked to be registered, and very grateful to you all for sharing your knowledge and love for the Range Rover. I have a 2002 4.6 HSE, and after 5 years, I'm still Roving For Life!
  2. Texas RRC

    Range Rover Classic
    My truck is a ‘95 beluga/sorrel LWB w/128k. Look forward to sharing stories.
  3. Fort Worth Texas - 3 Rovers...all running

    New Member Introductions
    Just officially joining but using forum since 2008. Still working with P38 '99, P38 '98, HSE Super '03
  4. Hi from Rob here in San Antonio Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Ordered a new RangeRover PHEV in July, still waiting!
  5. Greetings from Texas...

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, Not a RR owner yet, but am getting close to become one. Found a lot of great info from this site, so thanks to all contributing. Cheers.
  6. Hello from Texas, USA

    New Member Introductions
    Greeting to all. Supposed to take custody of my new 2018 RRS this weekend! Pictures to come.
  7. Help New Purchase In Dallas/Fort Worth

    General Chatter
    Good Morning, New to the form, long time BMW buyer looking to purchase first Sport. I have purchased my last 7 BMWs from the same dealer in the Metroplex, but does anyone have a good recommendation for Land Rover? Appreciate any recommendations.
  8. Hi from Rick in Rockwall Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I’m super excited to join this forum. I just bought my first ever Range Rover & happy it was the Velar. I’m sure I’ll be asking TOO MANY questions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. newbie from Texas

    New Member Introductions
    I purchased a LR2 for my wife and I am looking for a RR for myself, I want to learn as much as possible, so that I can select the right RR. Thanks Fred
  10. Hello from Abilene Texas

    New Member Introductions
    New to the forum, not new to the glory of owning a Range. Previously owned a 94 LWB County, and 99 P38. Current owner of a 97 P38 and getting into getting my hands dirty. I've been pouring through the threads and now it's about time I ask some questions. Glad to be here, and here to help if I can.
  11. Heelo From San Antonio, Texas

    New Member Introductions
    I purchased a 2012 Range Rover Supercharged with 97K miles but its in mint condition. I am new to Range Rover and am learning. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Barry Shah
  12. Hello from Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Newbie to the site, I just recently purchased a 2011 Range Rover sport hse. I love it so much and this site has really helped me with many questions I had. Currently located in Houston, Tx. Recently purchased 2.5" lift rods, now just waiting on mt tires and a black powder coat on the rims to...
  13. Hello from Texas

    New Member Introductions
    We are the new owners of a RR HSE, a happy 45th birthday present for me :) Hoping to connect with other owners for knowledge and feedback.
  14. Hello! Another new member from Texas.

    New Member Introductions
    I just recently bought a 2011 RRS and I love everything about it. I could go through all the rationalizations I told my wife and co-workers to justify my purchase, but I can't lie to you guys, it was love at first sight and I was not leaving the dealership without that truck. I love the...
  15. New member in Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. A quick message to introduce myself. I am 33yrs old and live just south of the Fort Worth Texas area. My wife drives a 2006 RR HSE (black) I drive a 2005 C6 Corvette (blue) I look forward to learning more about these vehicles. The main reason she chose the vehicle is comfort...
  16. Newbie in Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! After having a couple bought out from under me, I finally managed to get the job done. Just purchased a 2011 RRSC, Santorini/Sand with 49K miles. Enjoying catching up on the adventures of Land Rover ownership. Thanks for the outstanding forum! Lowen
  17. recommendations on Houston Texas off road trails/parks

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    I'm located in Houston, TX.. was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on any off road trails or parks around Houston for some light off roading, seeing as I'm on stock 20s and street tires
  18. Hi All! New Texas Member.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone. I'm Skye. Just bought two Range Rovers and am super excited about it. 2014 V8 Supercharged for the Girlfriend, and a 2015 V8 Supercharged w/Dymanic for myself. Both have black on black on black exteriors. Both used with very low mileage. Upgraded from a Jeep Rubicon and Sahara. I...
  19. Hello from Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Looking for 2016 RRS diesel. Hopefully, in the next month or so, I will own one.
  20. Hello from Crystal Beach, Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Just purchased a 2015 range rover supercharged, now have 1500 miles on it, no problems and the wife and I are absolutely amazed with how well it does just about everything!