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  1. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hello Everyone, Have any of you guys installed a Terrafirma winch bumper or rear bumper on their P38? About to order a pair and would like to see some firsthand feedback on them. Thanks!
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  3. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hello folks, I belive that my steering damper is worn out. There are lots of replacements to choose from, the majority being based on the original. However, for the same price as the standard type I can get one from terrafirma with a bigger tube and greater oil capacity. This sounds great for...
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  5. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Anyone here have experience with these? Thinking of picking them up to run winter tires on, and mud tires for offroading in the summer. I'd keep my factory 20's for good street performance tires. Are there any other options for 18" steelies to fit an L322? Also, these are made for the LR3 and...
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  7. Atlantic British
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  8. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    This arrived this morning :) Steve
  9. Range Rover Classic
    Hi all! Been lurking for years and just recently have been trying to do some stuff to my long ignored 87 Classic swb. Has anyone has any experience with the terrafirma 30 mm wheel spacers? I bought a set from AB and their website plus terrafirma's lists these as fitting my year vehicle but I...
  10. Diagnostic Equipment
    I see that Atlantic British has a Terrafirma i930 diagnostic tool that supposedly accesses the EAS. Does anyone know if it is possible to reset the EAS from a hard fault with this tool? I was trying to avoid buying an EAS only cable and software that might only get used one time. If that EAS...
  11. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi all. Have anyone actually purchased the Terrafirma TF825 snorkel for the RRp38, they advertise it available for purchase here among others: http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-RA2111TF Thing is, I never seen a picture of it installed, so I am curious - is it really fabricated? Anyone...
  12. Range Rover Classic
    what do you all think of terrafirma pro comp shocks? are they a good deal or are they priced cheaply for a reason? I am going to be buying some new front shocks for my 74 rrc. I need plus 2 inch travel and I am looking for best bang for my buck. any suggestions?
  13. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    After a myriad of searches on the internet I decided to create a list of shock absorbers that could possibly fit the P38. I have attached it to this post (hopefully) for all to use. Note that this is my own take on the subject and there are several sections of this that have not been checked...
  14. Range Rover Classic
    I have a '93 SWB County and just ordered a 2" heavy duty TF lift. I am considering either 235x85x16 or 245x75x16. Any opinions, pics, experience and advise welcome. Which tire fits better etc? THANKS!
  15. Range Rover Classic
    Hope these pics post ok, I'm computer challenged. After weeks of waiting for parts, finally installed a 2" over stock lift. All the suspension bushings and fasteners were renewed, as well as the tierods and front shock towers. Pic on the lift was from today, installing bushings and tierods. The...
1-16 of 21 Results