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    I have just joined the site today. I have a 03 L322 TD in Silver. It currently has 147K on the clock. I have a long history with Landrovers in general, having driven series 2,2A,3,Lightweight Air Portables whilst in the RAF, have owned a 1990 RR Classic Vogue SE, a 1982 Series 3 SWB, a 98 'S'...
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    It is 2:30 in the middle of the night here in Suffolk UK and it is raining! I had a beloved long wheelbase safari seriesIII (stolen) followed by a Range Rover Classic Vogue (passed on, not with us any more) and now have an ageing P38. Would love to go back to a series landy, maybe a 2a. Bombler
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    Evening All `) B x