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  1. Looking for Experienced RR Mechanic in Chicago West Suburbs

    Range Rover Classic
    I am looking for recommendations for a qualified RR mechanic in the west suburbs of Chicago to work on the engine of my 1993 LWB. Any help or info appreciated.
  2. Hello from NW suburbs of Chicago

    New Member Introductions
    Hello. I just purchased a 2007 RR SC and I had a 2006 LR3 that I sold about 3 years ago. Excited to be back in a love hate relationship. Thanks for all of your posts!
  3. Hi from far west suburbs of Chicago!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! Glad to be a part of great forum! I've been reading some of the diagnostic posts for the last few months! Quick bio on the my Rangies! 2001 P 38 in bump access mode right now. I'm fighting to keep the EAS on it. Just replaced compressor and she is still down. :(. So, since I...