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  1. Black box solutions

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Hi, does anyone if the faultmate fcr will perform exactly the same functions as the EAS kicker (i.e. keep it in the glove box for when the EAS goes crazy). As it’s only about £100 more for the Faultmate I was hoping it would work as the EAS kicker does but with additional diagnostic...
  2. RSW Solutions

    Diagnostic Equipment
    When I bought my 2002 Vogue TD6 two years ago, I've searched the market for a diagnostic tool and after all, my choice was for the ALLCOMS from RSW. Now I begin to have some issues with the GM 5L40E transmission and when I connect the Allcoms I've noticed that this software mention only the ZF...
  3. Oxidized Paint 2006 RRS - Solutions?

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Previous owner lived in nevada, and now it’s my turn to start seeing the effects. The roof is horrible and I’m getting it vinyl wrapped (professionally). I can tell the hood is starting too, but I can buff it out and be fine. And a back side panel has a spot that is oxidized. Just to fix the...
  4. RSW solutions good for 06 RR HSE 4.4 Jag

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Ive had my RR for a year now and love it. So next step is to get a Dia. software to keep up with all these sensors:) Was wondering if the rswsolutions software is a good fit for 06 RR hse 4.4?????? Ive already got a bluetooth app to read codes but was wanting to go one step further without a...
  5. RSW solutions

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Anybody know if they still make and sell RSW solutions? I want to buy one to read and clear and put air back in my 05 RR The air suspension inactive massage is on and its collapsed. Or if you know of another scanner or code reader that will work for this. Thanks!
  6. Cylinder #8 misfire still detected on RSW Solutions Allcomms

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    A forum member was nice enough to solve a sort term issue for me and loan me out his interface cable for the Allcomms software which got stolen out of my vehicle. However before I went to mail I back out I am still getting a cylinder 8 misfire. All spark plugs were replaced with auto lite...
  7. What's a Faultmate MSV-2 worth now?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Sold my Range Rover I haven't really been on the forums lately or paid attention to prices lately. I believe there is a small fee to transfer vehicles last time I asked I think it was 50 euros. This isn't a for sale ad. So please don't ask. I'll put it in the classified when I know what it's...
  8. Need replacement cable for RSW Solutions Allcoms software

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Due to a series of unfortunate events, I was having some issues with my Range Rover and on January 2nd I was forced to leave it in Colorado until I could deal with it at a later date. While it was out of my hands, I left it at a family members home until about last week. From then to now...
  9. Anyone Renting RSW solutions?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Trying to find someone close that has an RSW EAS reset tool for an L322. Thanks for looking!
  10. rsw solutions ALL COMMS tool

    Diagnostic Equipment
    hi, could anyone tell me their experience of the rsw all comms tool as im about to purchase one from them, was going to buy the britpart EAS control but dont like the fact its vin locked or that its reliant on the cluster screen seeing as i have afew pixels missing, thanks
  11. RSW Solutions

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Does anybody have experience with RSW Solutions diagnostic tools. The guy has tons of usefull videos on youtube. I really am curious whether or not to buy his solution. Carsoft and BBS seem expensive compared to that. Does anybody know the difference. I would like to do everything the official...
  12. Upgraded from 04 RR to 06. How does IID Tool compare to RSW Solutions?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Upgraded from 04 RR to 06. How does IID Tool compare to RSW Solutions? I loved the RSW scanner for my 04 RR and I know the owner is a great guy but apprantly they dont have anything for the 06. What would you say is comparable to it for the 06 and up models? It seems the IID tool is a good...
  13. Pulling codes with RSW Solutions' MkIII All Comms?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    I have the MkIII All Comms device and was wondering how one pulls error codes for the MkIII. I have used it to clear faults and adjust settings in the past, but not to pull an error code per se. I am getting a "Service Engine Soon" message. The vehicle is hesitating under power and...
  14. Blackbox Solutions Nanocom

    Diagnostic Equipment
    I'm thinking of getting the box from them to keep my RR in good shape. Any opinions re. the equipment and doing business with Blackbox? Their website looks very professional and, from what I can tell, the products appears to be perfect for the DIY. Cheers!!!
  15. Radiator bracket bolt spinning... can't figure it out... any solutions

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Radiator bracket bolt spinning... can't figure it out... any solutions So I have all the hoses off, fan shroud disconnected, passenger side radiator bracket bolt off, coolant drained but the drivers side radiator bracket bolt is spinning the nut in the radiator itself, not enough room to get a...
  16. 2010+ RRS Common Issues and Solutions Thread

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    I thought it would be worthwhile to have a thread to track issues that seem to be a common occurrence on 2010+ model RRS sports so people know what to look out for. 1. Oil Gallery Plug Leak - 2 documented cases on these forums so far (myself included). The issue seems to be a result of bad...
  17. RSW Solutions.

    General Chatter
    Hi all, Does anyone know how to get a hold of RSW Solutions? I have sent them emails but I haven't gotten a response back. Thanks, Oved.