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  1. Simple Question on 75,000 Mile Service

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello. I recently purchased a 2004 U.S. L322 and am compiling a thick stack of the former owner's dealer service invoices into a single document for reference. All straightforward with one exception... At the 75,000 Mile Service the invoice simply lists "2 liters STC4861 Oil -...
  2. looking for simple front seat covers/protectors

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    i recently re dyed my Ivory rover seats and they look great. Am looking for a slip on seat cover i can use to protect the seat when i am dirty or wearing dark denim. Don't want to have on all the time as i would rather enjoy the look and feel and function of them using a towel now but wishing...
  3. Faulty starter motor or a simple fix?!?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello all, I have a 2011 Range Rover vogue 4.4tdv8. Around 6 months ago I had the starter motor replaced under extended warranty at the authorised dealer. The same problem of intermittent starting arose again about two weeks ago. It tends to click for three of four attempted failed starts and...
  4. Change Fog Light Cover to Black - Simple Solution

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    So I recently converted my RRS into a DIY 'Sleath Mode'. I brought all the parts from Ebay and everything was pretty easy to change out except the fog light covers. Basically if you want to change your atlas grey/silver fog light covers into black, you will have to take off the whole bumper. I...
  5. Simple question about slow:35mph

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    2001 Range Rover 4.6 LHD Texas I let a leak go too long before fixing it. I use the eas unlock software (free) from Story Wilson. I unlocked the eas error after repairing the leaks. Now the Rover holds air and drives great. The slow:35mph with the up arrow on the dash and all lights stay on...
  6. How to remove head rests.

    Range Rover Classic
    Help - I am trying to do something ridiculously simple. I bought this '95 classic and am trying to pull the head rests all the way off so I can slip over some seat covers. Both headrests are in the lowest position and I cannot get them to come up and out. Any tricks to this? I can get a...
  7. simple method of splitting wheel hub

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    bolts used are 12mm x 1.75 x 6" x 3" of usable thread (these happen to be volvo 240 head bolts) tighten evenly.... incrementally and the hub splits without too much fuss whats left can be removed with a bearing puller and a die grinder (for the race)
  8. Simple question: Which side is "bank 1"?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    On a U.S. car, is it driver's side or passenger side? I've seen posts here that have said both. Totally confused now. I always thought it was driver's side on the Rover.
  9. Another Air Susp issue....probably something simple one hopes!

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Another Air Susp issue....probably something simple one hopes! hey all, So, been a lovely four months of my new RR (2006 TD6) 78000 miles. This evening dropping my mother back at home, i lowered the suspension from the door switch, to make her exit easier, all working as it should. On...
  10. Very simple question regarding dome light

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    I recently loaned my car to someone and when I got it back the dome light no longer turns on when you open the doors. Dome lights all work fine....but can't figure out how to switch it back to turning on when a door is opened. My manual was stolen out of my car when I valeted it, otherwise I...
  11. hardwire radar detector -- simple question

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    2008 RRS. Hardwired Passport Max tonight via directions on the site -- great. But the Pass. Max did not come with enough wire for hardwire, so the spliced wire is too thick to just shove and hide. Need to take off the black plastic thingy that the mirror is attached to, so I can hide...
  12. Simple Steering wheel black badge replacement

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    I did find out that the center badge is the same size as the ones in doors. Just carefully remove the old one, remove the new ones from plastic piece by bending away the 3 tabs from the plastic, then break off the tabs by wiggling them back and forth on the new (black badge) and glue it in...
  13. Simple Question What Bolts to Secure License Plates

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    We just bought an 04 and I forgot to check how the license plate is secured to the bumper. Our p38 uses a 6mm threaded bolt and not sure what the new style uses since there are no plates on it, I am not near it and I do not remember any bolt heads protruding from the bumpers. So when I bring...
  14. Simpe question, simple problem

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    My low air pressure light came on 2 days ago and my one tire was low but yesterday it came back on again and I had one of my guys check the tire thinking it had a slow leak but found it and the other 4 were all filled to normal range. So Im figuring the sensor is bad but one of my techs said...
  15. Simple P38 blend motor question. Honestly!

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    My recently bought P38 has started to pump hot air into the passenger side regardless of how much I shout at it. The posts I've read all suggest the servos. My (simple?) question is : Is it safe to ignore this for a week or so? It's winter here in England, I don't let anyone else in my Range...
  16. RRS Rear Seat Installation Made Simple

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello All. After my puppy decided to use my rear seatbelts as his new chew toy! Dealer (Stealer..as I have grown to know them)...$1160 installed for both! What!! I wanted to chock puppy and them, but of course I did neither. I looked around and found them new $380 for both (Ebay and...
  17. starting at the very beginning - 2 simple questions

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    1997 HSE 4.6. bought it as a learning project. elctronics seem to be totally FUBAR. so to start at the beginning: 1. Where is the door unlock button in the cabin? I'm completely confused - i cant find a button that locks and unlocks the door - except on the Fob, which is another issue...
  18. newbie, couple simple questions

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    hello, just purchased 2008 sport. few questions: 1)manual shows cooler box at console, but mine does not appear to be a cooler, and has no on-off switch where the manual shows. Yet there is some kind of electrical apparatus on the inside of the cover, when you open the console ...
  19. AC Vent lights - something simple, but getting runaround.

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Greetings! Got a used 2005 RR HSE from dealer. Awesome vehicle! Took me a while to notice the vent lights were burnt out. I drove it to the dealer, they told me vent lights were burnt out, they wanted to replace whole vent assembly. They quoted me a price. I have a friend who has a tuning...
  20. Simple question I think.

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    When I lock / unlock my Rangie using the remote, the sidelights (front and rear flash) to confirm. I saw an similar Rangie the other day only his indicators flashed, not the sidelights. Which one is normal? I must confess i'd prefer my indicators as that's.... well normal :-)