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  1. Neighbor shorted my Alternator while jumping another car

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    They borrowed the 2004 HSE to go and get the kid, but said they had another vehicle for jumping - my last words were - "Don't use the Rover for jumping" Voila, alternator fried as they probably crossed the streamers as the kid is not all there. I replaced the alternator, but seems the...
  2. ABS Sensor Failures

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    My car seems to be eating front ABS sensors as I've now gone through five in 2 years. The last one has lasted 5 weeks. Obviously I'm sending it back for a replacement but this is getting ridiculous. You won't be surprised to know that I've been using cheapo 'aftermarket' sensors at around £20...
  3. Shorted Alternator?

    Range Rover Classic
    On startup, the belt on my 95 will squeak for a long time before it quiets down. Normally I would just replace the belt but there is a pile of belt powder on the face of the alternator. I wiped it off and ran the vehicle for less than 5 minutes. I shut it down and removed the serpentine belt...
  4. EAS compressor shorted

    Range Rover Classic
    I 've been learning and working on my EAS system too...I ran into a problem when I was jump wiring the compressor through the pin-outs. I shorted out my #1 pin (which is powered through the Delay Relay AMR 1111). I checked the max fuse and 15a fuse under the steering wheel. Does anyone know what...