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  1. Synchronize Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to car screen/audio system

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    Hi everyone... I'm new on this site and hopefully can get some help!! To make things simple, basically if you watch the video, I need to do the same thing where I would need to synchronize a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (resolution 1440 x 2560) phone's screen/sound wirelessly to the car screen/audio...
  2. Can't get my AVIC-F500bt to pair with a Samsung Galaxy S4

    General Chatter
    Sorry for the non Range Rover content; seen as number of folks have the AVIC-F500BT installed in their P38, has anyone with a Galaxy S4 manage to pair it? I'm not even picking up the device when scanning from either the phone or the Avic. No problem pairing with a BB Bold 9780. Running the...
  3. Samsung Tab 7.7 installation into dash

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Well after months of doing nothing about this, and briefly looking at fitting a Note 8.0 which doesn't fit I've installed the Samsung Tab 7.7 in front of the OEM SatNav screen :razz: as can be seen below: I've used various different APPs from the Google Play Store to make this work. If people...
  4. Problem with AUX and Samsung Galaxy S3

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    I decided to change my Iphone for a Samsung Galaxy S3. The only way to listen to music in the Sport is with the Aux cable. ( If I want to listen to Pandora, Google Play, Ect). I can use the USB connection but that will only allow me to listen to the music in the SD card. The problem I have is...