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  1. RSW software version 2 - 'heights' tab an

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    My search skills are rubbish i know,,,,, uk 4.6 eas compressor running continously pretty much - piston seal cream crackered replaced still keen to run way too long swapped for known good compressor - sorted but then an eas fault cropped up - hadn;t had to use my RSW software for years (also...
  2. EAS fault clearing not working? RSW

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hello everyone, I am really having trouble dealing with my EAS system and have tried multiple things with little success. Around 8 months ago the rear bags started to leak down overnight and I had one hard fault 400 miles from home. I rebuilt the valve block and the problem persisted so I...
  3. L322 MK III RR, anyone buy/use the RSW tools lately?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Toad, I know that this post does look for input for diagnostic tools, but it also is specifically asking for diagnostics of the L322 RR. That's why I posted it here, with a more general question in the diagnostic tool forum. So please don't move/delete this again. Anyway, has anyone here...
  4. Is RSW still selling?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    All the posts I've found so far aren't too recent. Are they still available? Not looking for a discount... Just availability.
  5. Does an LCM change require dealer TestBook or will RSW work?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Scored a cheap LCM to try and solve my failing headlamp issues. RAVE says the replacement needs to be coded by Testbook at the dealer...:shock: Can anyone confirm please or can it be coded with RSW solutions software? Thanks, D2
  6. Hawkeye better then RSW?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    I just ordered the Hawkeye scan tool. My air suspension is non operable again. Last time it was the front left drivers side air springs. Once I put in a new air spring all the lights immediately went out and everything started working again. This time, I can't hear any air loss/hissing. I...
  7. BCM Replacement, can it be programmed with the RSW AllComms?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi Guys, I am having a problem with a 2004 Range Rover, and think I have narrowed it down to the BCM Being bad. Last week I ordered and received the All Comms from RSW, and it works great, I was able to connect to the computer, no problem. The issue came up at first, because I had an oil...
  8. Upgraded from 04 RR to 06. How does IID Tool compare to RSW Solutions?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Upgraded from 04 RR to 06. How does IID Tool compare to RSW Solutions? I loved the RSW scanner for my 04 RR and I know the owner is a great guy but apprantly they dont have anything for the 06. What would you say is comparable to it for the 06 and up models? It seems the IID tool is a good...
  9. Pulling codes with RSW Solutions' MkIII All Comms?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    I have the MkIII All Comms device and was wondering how one pulls error codes for the MkIII. I have used it to clear faults and adjust settings in the past, but not to pull an error code per se. I am getting a "Service Engine Soon" message. The vehicle is hesitating under power and...
  10. Articulation Validity Fault from RSW All Comms

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    So I hit an obstruction off roading a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I've had "Air Susp. Inactive" on the dash and lost all functionality with the air suspension (as you would expect). Initially, I disconnected the battery touched the cables together and was able to get the lights...
  11. RSW EAS Software for the Classic usb serial connector possible like with Rovergauge

    Diagnostic Equipment
    RSW EAS Software for the Classic usb serial connector possible like with Rovergauge Hi @ all, maybe some of You guys can help me. I am very interested in using the FTDI USB-serial cable like with the Rovergauge software. The Rovergauge works with the 14 CUX EMS in the RRC, Disco, Defender...
  12. RSW All Comms questions

    Diagnostic Equipment
    It seems a few of us use this tool. Is RSW a site sponsor? Should he be? :) Is there room for a sticky with simple All Comms questions/solutions, or have I missed one? Also, is there any merit in grouping the 'normal' threads by subject matter to ease browsing/searching? I appreciate this...
  13. I "Think" i have a BCM ISSUE, Anyone in NJ, NY, PA Area with an RSW All Comms tool?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I "Think" i have a BCM ISSUE, Anyone in NJ, NY, PA Area with an RSW All Comms tool? i have 03 Range HSE with the following issues Wipers not working Power locks not working Key Fogs not working Interior dome light not turning on Hatch Wont open (cause its locked) Parking sensors not working...
  14. How to get rid of SLOW 55KMH after using RSW EAS software???

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi all, I was going to replace my EAS valve block o rings today and was trying to use my laptop with the RSW software to depressurize the tank and bags before working on the system. It took a while to get the car and laptop to talk to each other but eventually did. My EAS worked perfectly but...
  15. RSW All comms scan of my body control module

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Just got the RSW All comms and hooked it up to my rover to see whats going on. below are the results of the body control module faults. I have no idea why some of these faults are showing up because they work fine. The main problem I have is the hard steering and below it says something about...
  16. RSW Solutions.

    General Chatter
    Hi all, Does anyone know how to get a hold of RSW Solutions? I have sent them emails but I haven't gotten a response back. Thanks, Oved.