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  1. Anyone installed electric fan(s) in an early RRC in place of the viscous fan?

    Range Rover Classic
    Anyone installed electric fan(s) in an early RRC in place of the viscous fan? To cut a long story short my fan shattered while I was on the freeway and ripped my radiator apart. All else appears okay in the engine bay, I managed to get the vehicle off the road before the engine overheated...
  2. New Member Chicago RRC & Series 3

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, I have been creeping around the forum gathering knowledge as I just recently acquired a 1991 RRC and a 1974 Series 3. The RRC is actually in incredible shape and the Series 3 is a frame off restore. Anyway, wanted to make my presence know :-) and actively participate.
  3. Grille Badge for 95 RRC?

    Range Rover Classic
    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a replacement oval grille badge for my 95 Range Rover County Classic?
  4. RRC Bonnet Letters Measurement/Placement?

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello, I'm new here and just recently purchased a 1995 county classic. My first project with it is to install the decals and letters (both front and back). The previous owner had it painted and decided to keep the decals and letters off for whatever reason. I purchased a set of letters to...
  5. 1988 RRC intermitent speedo fix alternative

    Range Rover Classic
    I finally gave up trying to get my speedometer to behave, it has been a problem since last fall . Once in a while it will start bouncing up and down with no rhyme or reason. Done all that is advised without changing parts, then time came to acknowledge that I needed to replace it. Too pricey a...
  6. Stripping 94 RRC ready for spraying...

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi Guys, after having a rather bad experience with a good looking, but sat for a while P38 I've come back into the fold with a lovely, well used and very well looked after 300Tdi classic. Owned her for 3weeks and not broken down yet.... Far better than the P38. Anyway, I'm getting her sprayed...
  7. RRC Bias Spring Adjustment LT77- How to?

    Range Rover Classic
    Believed to be the LT77 5-speed gearbox. One day, suddenly, the shifter became sloppy. Got it apart and noticed the bias plate was cracked. Replaced that and the bias springs. The shifter has tightened up from side to side, but when shifting up/down there is considerable play causing the...
  8. RRC tires???

    Range Rover Classic
    Just got a 94 LWB, and brought it back to life, and back on the road. Big laundry list of jobs to do, but one that I would like to get to ASAP are the tires. It currently has 255/70 on but getting some pretty bad rubbing on full lock. Side wall are also a bit cracked, so need to replaced...
  9. Who's rebuilt an AC system in an RRC? And how?

    Range Rover Classic
    Seeking opinions and ideas - in a conundrum right now. I am planning to turn my 1988 RRC into a daily driver. Given he was a barebones rescue, he's come a long way with me restoring him. I need to next to do something about air conditioning. I got him with a compressor, condenser and dryer -...
  10. Broken axle shaft

    Range Rover Classic
    hey guys im dealing with a broken rear axle shaft. just wondering if it is possible with this transfer box to somehow lock it up so that the front wheels would drive. just to get me home. also as far as a broken axle shaft goes is it difficult to get the broken piece? I was thingking maybe a...
  11. New to me 1993 RRC SWB, bringing back to life

    Range Rover Classic
    After being on the hunt for a classic for some time one popped up locally to me that I couldn't pass up. I was orginially looking for a cleaner example and was actually looking in Southern California for a rust free truck to have shipped back east to Virginia. As luck would have it, Friday...
  12. 93 RRC with some rust, looking for opinions

    Range Rover Classic
    So, I'm looking to buy a 93 RRC for super cheap. I've previously owned a p38 and a Disco I so I know what I'm getting myself into. I went to look at the Rover and overall it is in decent shape, especially for the price. I know the problems these trucks can have, electrical, rust, anything...