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  1. Tow Hitch required

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi I just recently bought a 2008 vogue it came with the tow hitch assembly all ready fitted but no towing Ball ... the receiver is cylindrical in shape , ( i will post pictures if I can figure out how ) .... I’ve looked on e bay etc to see if I can find one to fit , but have yet to see one that...
  2. 2012 HSE Service Required reset after oil change

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I have just changed my own oil and I'm trying to rid the dash of the "Service Required" notification on start up. I have followed several procedures including the start button/(Open) - bonnet/Driver Door/ pedals pressed..... It never works. Does 2012 HSE have a different Way to clear this?
  3. Electric Brake Controller/L322 2003 NO WIRING REQUIRED

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello All, I have been doing research on adding a brake controller to my 2003 RR (L322) which came wired with Trailer harness from Factory. I know there are other posts on this forum that show you how to wire a brake controller, which requires some effort and some wiring (something I did not...
  4. Which oil is required for oil change ?

    Range Rover Evoque / L538
    Hello, last 2 times i have done my oil change at dealer but i wanted to do it myself just wondering which oil is required? is it SAE 5W30 OR SAE 5W35? Which is required for RRE 2014? Thank you
  5. Serious audio issue help required

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi so today my aux lead stopped working so I removed the CD player and when doing so found a Bluetooth hands free kit in behind in the void (Nokia ck-7w) this looks like is been bodged in as the wires were loosely pushed into the audio plugs in the back of the head unit. As I removed the CD...
  6. 2017 RR TD6 - Adding Active Key: Cost & Required Parts?

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    I was seriously considering adding the Active Key but the first quote from my local dealer was over $1000 US (including programming & tax, etc.) I called a different dealer and asked about their Active Key programming charge - and it was much more reasonable at $125. (all keys are required to...
  7. Service required message not resetting

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Hi everyone, I have change oil of my Range Rover sport 2017 diesel. And after following the instruction on another post to reset the service required indicator. While following instructions it says re-setting and then says reset. The next time I start the car the service light comes back on...
  8. Programming Car Required

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Good day, My vehicle is in the United States Virgin Islands and I do not have any local mechanic here that has the right computer to be able to program a module that is being added to my vehicle. The module to be installed is required for the electronic deploying side steps. I purchased the...
  9. 2003 L322 EAS Faulting Issue Nanocom Help Required in the UK

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi guys, I'm normally on the P38 side but a fellow member of the Jaguar forum I'm on has a fault with his EAS. I know this site is mainly for the other side of the pond but is there any one in the Wirral area of North West England that has a diagnostics that could give John hand. He's been...
  10. What is so special about Castrol Edge Pro required by JLR?

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Hello to the RR community! My first post. (Well, second, including a blurb in Intro section.) I am now a proud owner of '16 RR Sport HSE. Love the beast! I am at 14k right now, so first oil change is just around the corner. I love to work on my cars, so I am planning to change the oil myself...
  11. Is This Piece Required?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I have removed the knuckle to replace the half shafts as well as wheel hub and bearings. The round metal ring/cover in the photo is slightly damaged and I can either try and locate a new one or get feedback on if this is something that is actually required and recommended now. The reason I ask...
  12. 75000 Miles Maintenance Required?

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi guys! Quick question.... Im approaching 75k miles on my 2009 Range Rover sport and the maintenance list is pretty big. Heres what needs to be done according to an online search: Replace pollen Filter (cabin filter) Replace air filter Replace air cleaner element Replace dynamic response...
  13. 2006 sport hse 4.4 l info required

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    hello all, just recently bought a 2006 range rover sport hse 4.4 liter. looking for info on what i have bought. i do not have a build sheet from the factory listing options ordered. so i was wondering if there was some kind of VIN number look up? a sort of decoder if you will. do i have an e...
  14. Urgent help/guidance required. New rear air spring.

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hello all, After reading many posts on our forum I decided to change a leaking rear air spring. As per the instructions all went well as it only took 15 minutes to remove the old spring. However when inserting the new spring (top pin and air line replaced) I have to bend the spring...
  15. Service Required Message after only 6000 miles

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    So I just passed the 6K mile mark on my 2016 TD6 and I am getting a service required message. In vehicle info it says that I am due for an oil change, which makes no sense since the first oil change is supposed to be 16K miles or 1 yr. My vehicle was delivered in early February 2016 and built in...
  16. Service Required Light- 72,8xx

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    The service reminder came on my truck last week and keep forgetting to look into it. Judging by my usage I can only assume that I need an oil change but at this mileage does anyone have an idea what to estimated going rate of a service for this mileage? Thanks
  17. Camera electrical interference. Experts advice required

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    I have posted various messages here previously about my issue but still struggling to find a cure. I have intsalled a bespoke cctv system into my 2010 sport. I have the front camera mounted on the rear view mirror and the rear camera in the rear spoiler, the opposite side of the rear parking...
  18. Sevice Required message

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello, I just purchased a 2011 range rover sport supercharged and when I start the car the "service required" message comes on. Is this normal? I would guess that there shouldn't be a service required message unless a service is required. any help with this would be appreciated. thanks
  19. Help required please 2010 RRS HSE - Nav display gremlin?

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello everyone - been on here for a while but haven't posted anything yet. Like so many other forums, this place is a virtual library of knowledge and experience and I'm hoping that someone can help me solve a new "problem". For the past few days, I've noticed that my display screen in my 2010...
  20. Required dealer ad ons

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Soo I've been told that at Land Rover Scottsdale everyone must pay $1,300 for window tint (needed in Arizona) and a LoJack unit. This LoJack unit is what I have a problem with. I called Land Rover USA to ask why I would have to pay a dealer for this add on and they said it was out of there...