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    watching Fifth Gear last night when they were reviewing 3 levels of 'bargain basement' 4x4's Porsche Cayennes from £6k, BMW X5's from £3k and P38's from £1k (yes maybe you can but you probably shouldn't) ANYHOW - the car they were using was a 2003 registered 24/8/2003 VX03ELV taxed to 31/12/15...
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    Had the RR L322 S/C model for almost a year now. Purchased from first owner, it's been great thus far. Sent from AutoGuide.com Free App
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    Hi there. What a terrific resource. I have lots of questions and look forward to posting. Hopefully I can contribute by answering questions others may post as well.
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    Bingo I must be in the front row, after a couple of years I finally registered yahoo! now I'll melt into the background :???:
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    Greetings forum. Just got my s reg 4.6hse autobiography with the lpg conversion from my father in law. Its been fully serviced and just need a bit of cleaning up. Really pleased. And excited of course. This is my first 4x4 as well so im here to listen and learn Best Regards Verticall (andy)
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