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  1. Range Rover refusing to start

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi I have yet another Range Rover. Beautiful 3.5 Vogue efi manual. There's spark and fuel, she turns over, won't fire. You can force her to fire up with ether/easy start /etc. She then runs pretty well - though a little lean or something accelerating hard over 3,000 revs in a high gear; it...
  2. L322 Refusing to start

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    So, I parked up my '03 TD6 Vogue at work for a 12 hour night shift, went to it at 6am to go home and it refused to start. It's turning over without any problem but simply refuses to fire up. I called Green Flag who connected the car to their computer but no errors were found. My next step is to...
  3. Refusing to rise from Bump stop

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Folks I have been driving my car for a while now using jumper wires control the EAS system. I finally succeeded in dealing with the leakage(replaced the airbag with a new one) but a new problem has arisen.using the jumper the car is refusing to rise from its bumps. The compressor is ok,using...