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  1. Range Rover L494/L405 Veneer Refinish

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    If you own a L405 or L494, You probably have a scratched up veneers on the center console. It’s inevitable. I bought a prior leased L494 not long ago. Mechanically and structurally it’s sound however the person who leased it definitely allowed it to get scratched up a lot outside and in. For a...
  2. Refinish Light Guards. Plastic Peeling?

    Range Rover Classic
    Has anyone had any success refinishing the rear light guards? The plastic coating is starting to lift and chip. How would you remove this? Sand blasting? Torch & flame? Any ideas or success's from anyone?
  3. How to refinish a vintage land rover emblem?

    General Chatter
    I have recently purchased a vintage land rover emblem in Farsi and I want to refinish it and put it on my RRS. Anyone knows a place that can do this? Thanks.