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  1. "Hot wiring" a power seat

    Range Rover Classic
    The driver's seat controller that should move the seat up and down, and forward and backward is currently moving my driver mirror instead. I just bought the vehicle ('95 SWB Classic) and the seat is waaaay too high. Does anyone know a way to bypass the controller for now; I just want to lower...
  2. Driver's power seat control moves driver mirror, not seat?!

    Range Rover Classic
    I did a search but didn't find anything. I just bought a 1995 SWB County Classic. It had an old battery and wouldn't turn over, so the PO replaced the battery a few days before I bought it. He said the driver's power seat controls worked before he got the new battery; however, since the new...
  3. engine vibration and loss of power, can anyone help????

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    recently bought a 99 p38 4.6 hse gas converted RR, couple of weeks ago it started vibrateting when picking up speed and was bit underpowered, once it picked up speed and cruised everything was fine but when i went to overtake or speed up same again vibration and underpowered. set about changeing...
  4. TDV8 year 2007 light power steering

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi, I have just bought a TDV8 Rangey 2007 SE and find the steering to be very light, one finger spins it from lock to lock, it runs dead straight and gets firmer at speed. Is this normal? can it be adjusted?
  5. Best way to route power from battery for rear subwoofer install?

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Best way to route power from battery for rear subwoofer install? Figure I'll make use of a decent Infinity dual voice coil 12" sub and amp in my closet. Need to figure out a couple things - that aren't super clear from other install threads I've seen. First, what's the best way in other's...
  6. diagnosing loss of power when hot

    Range Rover Classic
    Morning y'all, I'm after a little assistance with my poor '93 RRC. It passed 250k miles about two months ago, and it's been behaving like a grumpy old woman ever since. It starts fine, idles fine, and goes fine... until it's been running for 15-20 minutes. It... stutters. For example, at...
  7. temporary power loss in water hole

    Range Rover Classic
    We took the RR out today with a 73 ex-MOD 109. Had a lot of fun but got into a water hole that was deeper than we realized. I plowed through fine for about 50 feet and got stuck on the exit pointing up hill . Got yanked backward, tried again and made it up but then going through the next...
  8. Power Steering Leak

    Range Rover Classic
    Howdy Gents I have a 1993 LWB and the power steering fluid has started dripping out of somewhere on the left side leaving a puddle. Not a huge one. But a medium sized one. Is this something to just let go and top off fluid? Or start replacing hoses and then the pump if that is the case. I...