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  1. Rear Picnic Trays

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello everyone.... I have been searching for the legendary rear picnic trays. To no avail. I have decided to try and make them, but my only problem is where do I get the hinges. I looked at the hardware from a jaguar but it is totally different. I have a good idea of the washers and screw size...
  2. P38 Picnic Tables - Need Intsallation Instructions

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Well...I've had a tough time finding picnic tables for my 2001 Holland & Holland. Best I could do was a used set from a junked Callaway on an Ebay sale for the whole seats. I was only expecting the trays but I guess the seller chickened out on possibly ruining the them. So here's my problem...
  3. Looking for photos of picnic table

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi, I bought some picnic tables but it looks like there's a plate missing. I may need a plate to let the tray stand flat. The set i bought is the model with 2 parts...
  4. Do you go on day trips with your Land Rover? Where do you go, what do you take?

    General Chatter
    Do you go on day trips with your Land Rover? Where do you go, what do you take? Hey there, I am trying to get an insight into the lives of Range Rover owners. At my university they are currently running a competition to create a product out of the parts of a recycled Land Rover door. As Range...
  5. Picnic Trays Installed

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Well good news and bad news, The trays look great, however the clear coat cracked all to hell where the screws went back in through the leather straps. I have three sets, so I was thinking about having a piano refinishing shop repair one and see how it goes, any suggestions?