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  1. Diagnostic Equipment
    I have the a new / latest iCarsoft LR II for LandRover. It was purchased after reading here, asking AtlanticBritish. My problem is that I cannot get the iCarSoft to reset EAS. Air Suspension does not come up as option for 1998-2001 Range Rover. Has anyone been able to use the iCarsoft...
  2. Diagnostic Equipment
    My car is a 2003 TD6 HSE 117k. Runs great, but recently I had a 'hot engine starting issue', but no error codes etc. So i started to look in to it. I bought a Bluetooth ELM 327 ODBII dongle and the latest version of ScanMaster. The car communicates with the software but only on a very basic...
  3. Range Rover Sport II / L494
    I'm trying to setup Dash Command to interpret all ODBII data for the car. Anyone wanna give me a hand finding this data? Once we have it in one post we can all use the same data ... ;) Drive Ratios for each gear? I: 4.696; II: 3.130; III: 2.104; IV: 1.667; V: 1.285; VI: 1.0; VII: 0.839; VIII...
  4. Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Anyone ever run out of gas in RRS? My ODBII reads 12% at empty. So I've been paying some attention to the ODBII data lately. one thing that really stands out is that my fuel readings are consistent with the car but not accurate. When the car is at 1 mile range, ODBII still says that I have...
  5. Diagnostic Equipment
    I recently changed the oil on my 2013 RRS and need to reset the 'Service Required' code. I'm interested in hearing from other DIY'ers what you use to reset the service minder. Thank ~j
  6. Diagnostic Equipment
    ELM327 / ODBII usage on a P38 ? As many will be aware you can interface an ELM327 type of ODBII ‘scanner’ to the ECU on a P38 and, with the right software on my laptop, you can then – at least in theory – read the DTCs on it. (For those unaware the ELM327 scans the ODBII-type connector...
1-6 of 6 Results