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    Hi everyone, I recently just purchased a 04 RR. Its a great vehicle with only two problems. I am hoping this great comunity can help me solve my issues. I am from Washington DC so if any of you all are from the same area with parts or have great advice please PM me. I am happy to be part of...
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    Hey everyone, just picked up a 2009 RRS..... Going to be a fun ride! Chris
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi! I've posted a few things but am not sure if I've fully introduced myself. My name is Sam and I live in a remote part of Nova Scotia, Canada. I own a 2003 Range Rover. The reason I became part of this forum is because I'm forever looking for information on fixing my Range Rover, and as I...
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    Hello everyone! This is my first time owning a Rover, just picked up a black 2011 Sport SC with 28k miles yesterday. Love it so far, hoping I will soon get used to the filament lines in the heated windshield. With only two months left on the factory warranty I'll be doing a lot of reading...