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  1. Hi from Norfolk

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    Had my RRS 2.7 for just on a year, still getting to know it, have learned much from the various forums hope to learn more. Richard
  2. Hi from Norfolk

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    New to Range Rovers not Land Rovers hope to learn from this forum. Richard
  3. Hiya from Norfolk, UK

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    Hiya everyone from Norfolk in the UK
  4. Hello from Norfolk

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    Hello,I'm from Norfolk in the UK. I bought a 1999 P38 a few weeks back. I waited for a low mileage one with a tidy body and service history and ended up with a blue 4.0 HSE. So far I have had no problems but have done little mileage,I hope to slowly improve it where possible,I own some classic...
  5. Greetings from Norfolk, Virginia

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    :lol: Hi you all, Buenos Noches
  6. Hello from Norfolk, England.

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    Hi just got myself a 98 DSE auto, always wanted one and finally got a project, has the usual refinements including, lumpy tickover, suspension that brain farts and an abs fault. But i got one of my all time favorite cars so i'm happy, let the tinkering commence :D Paul.