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  1. newbe

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, just joined the group, Just bought a 2007 sport TDV8 Hse. black 38,000 miles, in great condition. and loving it loads.
  2. newbe

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    hello everyone
  3. Newbe greeting

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, Have read very good stuff from RangeRovers.net and don't know why I haven't join before, really. Mine's a 2001 diesel manual which I had shipped out from Scotland to Tanzania, where I live. I'm a bit off the beaten track, here, so I'm not tempted to take it to the main dealer as it's a 2-3...
  4. Finally. Newbe from Dominica in the Caribbean

    New Member Introductions
    Since a long time, RR were one of the only 2 vehicules i was dreaming of. I am very happy to join the club . I love my used 1997 P38 . It looks great and seems to run great so far. This should be the perfect vehicule for our harsh narrow bumpy roads in Dominica.
  5. newbe at rr

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    hello all, happy to become new member at range rover
  6. Newbe

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! New to the Land Rover world... Picked up a 2000 Range Rover County 4.0 2 months ago for $500. This thing is in great condition! But....was an overheater. I swapped out water pump as the fan was hanging on by a threadand a couple of freeze plugs, but no go. So i checked the headgaskets...
  7. newbe with a transfercase stuck in neutral maybe ? ?

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    already tried to post this so i hope there are not 2 now ... I just got a 1999 range rover 4.0 and it will not go in gear the dash tells me that the cars transfer case is in neutral ? ? and I don't know how to try and get the case to engage .... the car was working last week no problems but...