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  1. Diagnostic Equipment
    Although not as good as a proper JLR sdd 2 interface, is the vcx nano adaptor better than a mongoose interface ? I’ve heard the mongoose ones can destroy ecu’s.
  2. Diagnostic Equipment
    Quick question, can an BBS Nano read non RR vehicles? It has a Canbus selection, so was wondering?
  3. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Well Guys, I'm thinking it's time to buy a Nano Evo for my P38.. I think I'm pretty much in to deep with this truck not to have one.. Any suggestions on how or where to buy? It seems the direct route is the only real answer??? I think by the time it;s all said and done $500 - $600 usd..
  4. Diagnostic Equipment
    Hi! My BBS MSV2 Nano would not connect to my 1996 4.6 HSE. There are no light on the vehicle server when I connect it to the car. I have used the diagnose many times with no problem. I have an EAS Fault...:( Sent from AutoGuide.com Free App
  5. Diagnostic Equipment
    - Only been around for a few weeks I know .. but any good/bad stories to share folks ?
  6. Diagnostic Equipment
    Probably a stupid question - in that most folks buy one or the other and so don't compare them - but which is best ?
  7. Diagnostic Equipment
    Anyone now how to purchase the Nano Evo with a discount?
  8. Diagnostic Equipment
    Hi Bit off topic but I'm wondering how your getting on with the Nano. I've just ordered a Nanacom Evolution II. Seems to offer everything we could need to keep the rangey on the road (or off!)
1-8 of 18 Results