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  1. Range Rover Sport / L320
    Is it normal for my Range Rover to make a rattly noise for about 3 seconds on start up, or maybe my oil pumps u/s, it has 150,ooo klms on the clock ?
  2. Range Rover Sport / L320
    What is the recommended oil to use for a oil change ? I have 150,000km on the clock, and a bit of a rattle on start up for a few seconds
  3. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi all, just recently we brought into our family a 2011 RRS and for the last weeks that is all, I have been driving. Just today I had to do a quick run and since my wife's LR4 was parked behind the RRS I took it to the store. I was shocked by the difference! The LR4 felt peppy, nimble and with...
  4. Range Rover Sport / L320
    So my10 had 0 issues. In a winter low coolant light came up so I added to the mark. 2 weeks later low coolant light came up again. I took the car to Indy and he pressurized the system for 30 minutes and he could not find any leaks. Also system would hold pressure without any problems. He checked...
  5. Range Rover Sport / L320
    Could anybody tell me where I could buy a pump to change the oil in my MY 10 Range Rover Sport
1-5 of 6 Results