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  1. Faultmate msv2 ultimate and licensing

    Diagnostic Equipment
    I inherited a (looks like new) faultmate msv2 ultimate with my L322 along with the cd, cables, invoice, (boy they are expensive aren’t they?) serial number etc and after a many hours doing battle with the windows installation files, serial to usb converter drivers etc. Etc. I finally got it...
  2. What's a Faultmate MSV-2 worth now?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Sold my Range Rover I haven't really been on the forums lately or paid attention to prices lately. I believe there is a small fee to transfer vehicles last time I asked I think it was 50 euros. This isn't a for sale ad. So please don't ask. I'll put it in the classified when I know what it's...
  3. BBS MSV2 Nano connection problem

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Hi! My BBS MSV2 Nano would not connect to my 1996 4.6 HSE. There are no light on the vehicle server when I connect it to the car. I have used the diagnose many times with no problem. I have an EAS Fault...:( Sent from AutoGuide.com Free App
  4. Faultmate MSV-2 v. Nanocom Evolution

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Is there are functional difference between these devices? I understand the Faultmate is VIN specific and costs more, but does it do more? Thanks in advance. Greg 1998 RR 4.0 NAS