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  1. Diagnostic Equipment
    I inherited a (looks like new) faultmate msv2 ultimate with my L322 along with the cd, cables, invoice, (boy they are expensive aren’t they?) serial number etc and after a many hours doing battle with the windows installation files, serial to usb converter drivers etc. Etc. I finally got it...
  2. Diagnostic Equipment
    Sold my Range Rover I haven't really been on the forums lately or paid attention to prices lately. I believe there is a small fee to transfer vehicles last time I asked I think it was 50 euros. This isn't a for sale ad. So please don't ask. I'll put it in the classified when I know what it's...
  3. Diagnostic Equipment
    Hi! My BBS MSV2 Nano would not connect to my 1996 4.6 HSE. There are no light on the vehicle server when I connect it to the car. I have used the diagnose many times with no problem. I have an EAS Fault...:( Sent from AutoGuide.com Free App
  4. Diagnostic Equipment
    Is there are functional difference between these devices? I understand the Faultmate is VIN specific and costs more, but does it do more? Thanks in advance. Greg 1998 RR 4.0 NAS
1-4 of 12 Results