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  1. any scottish members??

    General Chatter
    just wondering as it would be nice to pick someones brain about my p38 lol im trying to read up as much as possible though
  2. Does any compay remanufacture 3rd. Members?

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Such that my old blown one can be made new again for someone else to enjoy or do I just call it scrap Metal? PO managed to shave 3 teeth off the pinion Gear for me ;) I still scored the rig for $900 - which is less than he paid for the tires... Thanks all! Brett
  3. Prank Video: Is it One of Our Members?

    General Chatter
    I was just watching this prank video. Go about 25 seconds in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tin4BeSKMHc&feature=BFa&list=PLAD9AA9B035E55CF3&lf=plpp_video Is this one of our members with the new gen Rover Sport? If so, you handled yourself well! I know it's a dumb prank. Just seeing if it's...