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  1. First time Range Rover owner from Maryland

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought my first Range Rover, or any British made car. I look forward to learning a lot from fourm members. Thanks for having me.
  2. New from Maryland

    New Member Introductions
    New to the forum, looking at ordering a MY17 RRS.
  3. Howdy From Maryland - First time 1993 RRC SWB Owner Here

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    Hoping to troubleshoot some electrical problems and contribute from my experiences
  4. Any independent shop recommendations in central Maryland?

    General Chatter
    Hi everyone, I've been scouring the forums learning as much as possible prior to purchasing a Range Rover. I'm still torn between the "Classic" model and going more modern, as I found a nice L322. As I telework, I plan to use it only when I need to drive into DC, as my "daily" vehicle is a...
  5. Hello from Maryland

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    Hello all, I joined the group back in January, but had not introduced myself. The content and ownership tips are excellent. I have owned an LR3 for past 7 years and thoroughly enjoy the vehicle. In January, I added a second Land Rover, a 2012 Range Rover Sport SC.
  6. Intro. 1st time RR owner from Maryland

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    Greetings from Chevy Chase Maryland
  7. Just picked up a P38, new from Maryland

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    Hey guys! as you could probably tell by my user name I'm Rick. I just picked up a 2000 P38 Sunday that was in need of a good home. She needs head gaskets, air springs, and a brake line repaired, along with a little TLC. Looking at what I payed, and what they're selling for I think I got a pretty...
  8. 11' RRS, need brakes, any recommendations in Maryland?

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello All! finally decided on joining the forum after years of browsing it quietly.. My 2011 RRS is getting the B'rake Pad Worn' signal on dashboard, Dealer says I need new pads and rotors all around.. quoted $2k for all 4 wheels.. reasonable? Was at firestone to get a tire change, they quoted...
  9. Hello from Maryland

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    Purchasing my first P38 this coming weekend. Looking forward to it.
  10. **INFO** Owner Recommended Garages

    General Chatter
    Finding a garage capable of working on your Range Rover can prove difficult. So, I’m asking you – the owners – to help compile a list of Range Rover friendly garages which you have used in the past. Please copy this format to make life easy for me to compile the information: Location: [North...