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  1. range rover 6 speed manual trans conversion almost done

    Range Rover Classic
    so i took my rover apart again. to change the trans, i wanna get over 25 mpg on fully loaded rover :) hopefully by the mid December it will be done , T56 used on Aston martin, dodge viper and corvette Z06 :) and now on RRC. my test on zf 22 showed that it can handle 330 lb torque under...
  2. Transfer Case Low Range Inoperable Automatically or Manual

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi Guys, Please help shed some light on this issue. My transfer case won't go into low range. When I select low range in nuetral, foot on brake (no movement), the selection to low range won't complete. It beeps, tries to go into low but won't get there. When I put it in gear nothing happens...
  3. **INFO** RAVE Manual Download

    Range Rover Classic
    RAVE contains the complete Workshop manuals for petrol and diesel variants. Overhaul manuals for petrol engines & transfer box and full wiring schematics, pinouts and physical photos of every connector and ground. These are indispensable for working on your vehicle. These links do not require an...