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  1. Diagnostic Equipment
    Hi does anyone know if the lynx diagnostic will extract and program the immobiliser code from the edc to the becm
  2. Diagnostic Equipment
    As title says, would love to hear opinions on Lynx Evo tool, especially in the context of L322 chassis and possibly how it compares to IIDTool, iLand and Hawkeye. Any and all feedback is welcome!
  3. Diagnostic Equipment
    I posted this in the wrong sub. So correcting this. Has anyone heard any updates on when the Lynx Evo diagnostic tool is coming out? I'm shopping for a diagnostic tool and I have been waiting because I want to know more about that one, but it has been 'coming soon' for quite a while. I was...
  4. Diagnostic Equipment
    Bought a lynx system off jackk on the forum very happy with it but the documentation is non existant or very poor. Can the lynx system be used to solve issues like Becm Ems sync etc?
  5. Diagnostic Equipment
    Evening all. I have just got a lynx diagnostic stuff for the car but I can't get it to work. I ha e got the code from omitec and I thought all is good. The software sometimes finds the vci box but can't connect to the car and access any of the sections at all. I have a Windows net book thing...
  6. Diagnostic Equipment
    I currently have a Freelander 1 and use the Lynx diagnostic tool on that vehicle and am pleased overall with it. I'm currently looking to replace the car with a 2002-2004 Range Rover L322 (or maybe a late P38) and can get an additional unlock code to cover that vehicle as well but given the...
  7. Diagnostic Equipment
    Lynx versus T4 Mobile plus... Tell us about your experiences on both systems & capabilities ,pros and cons... Regards Massoud
  8. Diagnostic Equipment
    Finding Most Appropriate Computer to run Faultmate or Lynx P38 Diagnostics Time was that the Panasonic ToughBook was considered the best go-to choice for running diagnostic software. At a price. These days E-Bay finds used ToughBooks at similar prices to new no-name and low end brand name...
  9. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    So I got me one of these, and, found an ABS sensor fault I had already suspected and now in the process of fixing. So far so goodish... Then I did a fault find on the EMS. Help! Some of this may seem self explanatory but I'm no expert. See Pic. I've "cleared" the faults now, but, I'm going...
  10. Diagnostic Equipment
    I am trying to download lynx. I cannot get it to work . I also cant get Lynx to send me the confirmation to unlock the system. Not real pleased with my choice right now. It keeps telling me "failed are FTDI drivers installed" oh yeah I have windows 8
  11. Diagnostic Equipment
    The TekPro 3000LR has been out from AtlanticBritish from some time now, but I still haven't seen any decent reviews about its functionality. Anyone using it? It is a bit pricey but they keep having 'sales' and I am tempted to try it. It comes unlocked for all rover vehicles and is a stand-alone...
  12. Diagnostic Equipment
    I recently purchased a 2006 L322 V8 and I am considering purchasing either the Hawkeye 5 or the Lynx diagnostice tool. Lynx say their tool is able to be used on a laptop as an option providing additional functions etc but the question I would like to know is does anyone have a heads up on which...
  13. Diagnostic Equipment
    Was almost about to buy a Nanocom Evo but found this new product, http://www.lynx-diagnostics.com/ What do you think..? Requires a laptop, which is both good and bad. Apparently developed by the same folks that made LR's official diagnostic equipment, that's definitely a plus, right..?
1-13 of 16 Results