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  1. Blog
    Today, I purchased a 2003 freelander with one key and no FOB. Now the key will not unlock the driver's door The key goes in but does not turn. the back tailgate the key turns but the window does not move to clear, I hear clicking inside the door though. Not sure where to start. The previous...
  2. Range Rover Classic
    .....I replaced the outer door latch and window motor. Seems to be a spate of "central locking" posts lately, here's mine: Removed inner door panel, disconnected the battery, then the central lock plug, then removed the door handle to replace the broken outer part. Removed and replaced the...
  3. Range Rover Classic
    Hey there- I'm new to the forum and Range Rovers. I just purchased a '95 RRC LWB and so far I love it. One small problem. The passenger door lock "sticks" and doesn't unlock when unlocking the doors from the driver's door. I don't have an alarm fob either! The previous owner said if you time it...
1-3 of 3 Results