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  1. Loaner - Feature not on L405 yet on 17 Disco Sport

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    I picked up a loaner while I hope I get a few software updates (AEB / Fuel Gauge)...but noticed on the Disco Sport that I was able to view and reply to my SMS messages...I wonder why that did not make it to the L405 in the 17 MY...also surprised after talking to the Service Adviser that the L405...
  2. Question about a loaner before car comes in.

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    I'm selling my car and will be getting a RRS. If the car has to be ordered, it could take a few months to come in. Would a dealership loan me a car, while I'm waiting for my car to come in or is that crazy to ask for? I remember hearing that a dealership did that for someone I knew, but...
  3. Loaner Cars of JLR ...

    General Chatter
    Michaeltw made this comment on the L405 Photo thread when I commented about having a minivan loaner for 4 days (and counting) instead of my 3-week old 2015 RR ATB. Seemed like an interesting topic! `) I CAME IN WITH THIS: AND DROVE OUT IN THIS: At least it is big and was free :roll...
  4. Loaner Tool Thread?

    Range Rover Classic
    Do we have an RRC loaner tool thread in this forum? TF
  5. Dealership loaner policies

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    So I scheduled an appointment to get the front speakers (passenger side-Meridian 825w) checked for rattling noises with the volume not even half way up. Dealer will check but when I ask for a loaner the service "advisor" tells me because I didn't buy from that dealership technically they are...
  6. Anyone ever get in an accident with a loaner car?

    General Chatter
    I was making right turn on a red light with a dealer loaner (evoque), waited for few seconds, there's no car on the lane I was gonna turn into. The moment I turn into that lane, a civic supposed on the left lane merge to the right lane slam on the brake. The hit was pretty light, only scratch on...