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  1. Had a collision on leased 2016 RRS I wanted to buy....

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Hey guys, I have a 2016 RRS V8 Dynamic that I LOVE! The lease comes to an end at the end of June 2019. I had intended to buy it. The KMs are low at 40,000. I have an allowance of 65,000 km. Basically - dude tiring left drove right in front of me. I have a broken driver side headlight, the...
  2. buying my leased car with previous engine out repair

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    My 2016 Range Rover TD6 with 33k miles is approaching the end of a 3 yr lease, with a residual buy out cost about $5,000 below market. I am considering having the dealer CPO it and then buy it, which would allow me to drive it another 3 years under warranty. The catch? During my ownership it...
  3. Personal Property Tax on a leased RR

    General Chatter
    I was almost about to pull the trigger on a lease, when a friend mentioned that he gets a bill from the county for personal property taxes, since he has leased his vehicle. Since I was completely unaware of this, it got me to hold back till I find out more.
  4. Leased a 2016 and 20 days later swapped for 2017!

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Hello So yes, I did lease the 2016 HSE V6 sport earlier this month. Why the '16 over the '17? They were not dealing much at all on the '17. In fact, some in the DC area said the 17's are going for over sticker. Anyway, I leased the '16 because I needed to walk away feeling I got a good deal. I...
  5. Finally leased 2016 RRS HSE V6

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    I want to thank everybody for their past responses which helped solidify my leasing decision. I am very happy with this SUV and it's my first Land Rover ever. I leased it from the DC area and was looking heavily at the 2017 but due to a higher money factor, less inventory and less willing to...
  6. Canada - leased RRS - ?Possible to CPO

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Howdy, all, So I have a leased 2012 RRS S/C. I'm thinking of buying it. It still has the original factory warranty till March 24, 2016. The mileage will not go over the warranty. Has anyone managed to get their car CPO'd before purchase? I've had it done by BMW but my RR dealership says, "No."
  7. Slightly OT... Suggestions for getting out of a leased vehicle?

    General Chatter
    Slightly OT... Suggestions for getting out of a leased vehicle? Greetings.. In August I leased a 2015 Escalade ESV. At the time I needed the huge vehicle. Fast forward a few months later and my needs have changed. Don't need such a big transport. I live in LA where parking is tight...
  8. New RR has to be financed or leased?

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    I just placed an order a few days ago for a RR SC. I just got the buyers order today and noticed that it has my deal as a finance purchase. I have an email and voicemail out to the dealer for an explanation as this was not part of the discussion when I put my deposit in, but this isn't the...
  9. Tire Life and Replacement of Leased 2011 Range Rover Sport

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Gentlemen: First time here. Love my 2011 Range Rover Sport. Actually its more for the wife and kids, but I love it when I get to drive it. Here is my issue. I lease my trucks usually 3 years 45,000 miles. I have 26,000 miles on my stock RRS 19 inch tires. I think the tires are OEM...