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  1. EAS kicker

    General Chatter
    Hi does anyone have a EAS kicker in the Halifax area that I could borrow ASAP? It’s a 2003 HSE model. thanks danny
  2. EAS Kicker Lite, question

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Hi, My P38 has developed EAS issues, rather than go into all the details, I wanted to ask, if the car has logged a 'hard fault' I.e it's now sitting on bump stops, 'car and arrow-up' symbol on dash and 'dont exceed 35mph' will it still clear the lodged fault? Surely it's not just for a 'soft...
  3. EAS kicker not communicating

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Hey guys, Ok so I'm not new to this site but I can't remember my password but I'm in need of some urgent help. It's the dreaded EAS which I know has been covered time andtime again and I have spent hours going through the forums but to no avail. Ok so I bought my old P38 2.5D back as it had not...
  4. kicker lite for The classic diagnostic cable

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Hello to all I purchased a kicker lite for my 1995 classic from a company In Spain and It works great for resetting the EAS. The cable has the correct plug to go In the diagnostic connector in the classic and the other connector that plugs in to the kicker lite looks like a usb plug that would...
  5. EAS Kicker Lite problems.

    Diagnostic Equipment
    I recently purchased a EAS Kicker Lite to reset my P38 eas faults, I followed the instructions on the manual turn the ignition to position II and plugged in the Kicker. The LED illuminate blue and flashes red once which indicate no reply in wakeup. I tried it several times with the same response.
  6. Help installing kicker subs and amp in 2011 supercharged sport

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Help installing kicker subs and amp in 2011 supercharged sport I have a kicker L5 solo basic sub and a kicker zx750.1 amp i want to install. I have all the parts/wires already (that I'm aware of). Is there any DIY threads on this or any help anyone could give me? Thanks