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  1. RRS 4.2 s/c misfire issue

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi i have this problem where the car misfires cold and when something heats up it goes away i get p0303 and p0307 constantly new plugs new coils took the supercharger off swapped injectors fault code does no move compression is good possible wiring ecu issue? New plugs pulled and cyl 3-7 looked...
  2. 4G connection data use issue

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    Hi, I’ve had a weird issue with my 2019 Range Rover for a while now in that the 4G connection uses a ridiculous amount of data. I have the included 500MB Ubigi data plan, and when I turn it on, without touching the infotainment system, it chews through about 400MB of data in around 45 minutes...
  3. Retrofitting L405 Facelift taillights on pre facelift issue

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    Hi I bought the facelift taillights from range rover. I saw the video from powerfulukltd and didn't think this would be a hard task. I have done these type of things before on other Range Rovers and other vehicles. I got the lights yesterday. Great job to powerukltd on the video as usual, been...

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Greetings, I’m having some issues with my TPMS and rear seat entertainment headphones on my 2008 Range Rover supercharged. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. TPMS ISSUE- The amber light stays illuminated and my message center reads “Tyre Monitoring System Fault”. I...
  5. 2010 RR Sport HSE Music streaming Issue! help !

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    HI I have 'Device Error" message when trying to stream music on my iphone, although It still charges my phone, can I use the Bovee 1000 with RR iPod Integration Cable Or need to take it in to the Shop?...
  6. Deployable Side Steps Issue

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    I got my 2018 back from service the other day and the deployable side steps are not working at all, no icon on the touch screen anymore as well. It's going to take a few weeks before I can get back to service, just wondering if anyone else experienced this, and if there is an easy solution. Are...
  7. Stubborn Suspension Issue

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hey guys, Having some difficulty with my 2006 RRS supercharged. I put in all new airbags/struts and new control arms and even a new compressor. The ride is so much smoother now and was working perfectly until the suspension fault light came on. It was showing up before the upgrades too...
  8. Suspension issue? No light, frontend low - Pics attached

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi all, I’m thinking of buying this truck. It’s sweet. Hoping the collective expertise on this site can help me answer this question: When I showed up to the dealership (used cars, not Land Rover dealer), the front end was low like this pic (apologies if the picture is super small) ...
  9. Yet another Suspension issue

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    i got 2006 range rover sport 4.2 as a present and all suspension parts and suspension pump have been replaced. i get suspension error and overnight it lowers in the front side of the car. back seems to be fine. error code is c1a13-64 pressure does not decrease when venting gallery. can anyone...
  10. 2006 RRS Suspension Issue

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello all, Just did a job where I replaced 4 new air bags/struts and all new upper and lower control arms. The compressor is fairly new, I put that in about 4 months ago. I’m no expert but good enough for DIY. Now for the problem. I start the Rover up and the rear is at normal height but the...
  11. Traction Control issue after fitting suspension dust boots

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi All, My P38 failed the MOT on split dust boots on both front lower suspension ball joints and leaking rear oil seal. I have had to remove the front brake calipers, discs and hubs complete with drive shafts to be able to change the lower ball joint dust boot. I did have to use a clamp to...
  12. Bizarre amp issue

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi everyone, First time posting, so I apologise if I've missed anything I need to do. Wondering if anyone has heard of or seen this issue before? I've searched many forums, but it doesn't seem this has been covered specifically. I have a 2003 Range Rover Vogue L322, and recently the radio...
  13. 2013 L405 SC Issue - Transfer Case

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    I bought a 13' L405 SC with 32K miles about 2 months ago and I'm having a lot of issues with it but mainly I think there is something wrong with the transfer case. When driving around town there is a humming/drone noise. It gets louder when I pull in a driveway or in a parking lot going slow...
  14. 2010 RR Sport HSE Music streaming Issue!

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    I own a 2010 RR Sport HSE V8 normally aspirated , I connect my Iphone, it charges but does not stream music and it displays " Device Error" on the console, before I take it to the dealer anything I can do remedy this, I just want to stream music , would using the Bovee 1000 work in this instance ?..
  15. Issue with Data

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    I never extended my free trial of ATT data, but my remote app continued to work. On 6/10, my remote app stopped responding. Around that time I noticed that my vehicle was showing three dots where the network service was normally. So I reached out to ATT to add the data service back on...
  16. Major EPB issue

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    L320/2011 EPB module on top of rear axle is changed. After powering the car, it activates the brake immediately and doesn't release the brake anymore. All should be okay mechanically. Anyone has an idea?
  17. Here's the diagnosis for my stereo unit's issue

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi guys, I just got back from the dealer, they told me that the rear entertainment module needs to be replaced and got a quote of $2500!! Wow!! Any opinions? thanks guys.
  18. Road force balance off??. Strange issue

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    So bought 4 new continental tires few months ago.. Got it from Amazon and got it installed at a tire shop. Right after took it to Landrover dealership to balance and alignment.. Looked fine. Not sure if I drove above 70MPH after that.. In between got new brakes/rotors installed at a...
  19. 89 Mystery issue when warm

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello friends! Hoping to get a little help here. I've had a persistent problem with my 89 Rangie “misfiring” when warm. I put misfire in quotes because it’s not really a misfire but more like all cylinders shut down for a second under load. She starts right up and idles nicely. Runs pretty well...
  20. Radio cuts in and out, anyone had this issue?

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi guys, my 2013 RRS radio is cutting in and out, and the Bluetooth keeps connecting and disconnecting all the time. Anyone has any answers? Could I reset the radio and how? Thanks guys