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    Hi guys, looking at buying a 2007 - 2008 L322 tdv8 here in Ireland, going to browse on here for hints and tips on what to look out for when buying one. Test drove one I like on Thursday last, it seemed to tick over at 1k rpm and was told this is normal for the big 3.6 tdv8??
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    hi,I have a 2006 diesel Range rover.have had two of the old p38s and loved them.ken
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    hi all im new here ive a range rover 2.5dse p38 thanks for adding me
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    Hi, New member from Galway, Ireland. Owner of a 2007 3.6 TDV8 Vogue. Niall
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    Hello forum folks. So, I'm a fan of the marque and currently run a 2001 Java Black P38. It's a 2.5 DT and in excellent condition. Yes, it's a tad 'leisurely' to drive but I'm hoping to change that with a psi Power box soon. I'm keeping my eye out for a second hand one. I also run a 1993 Disco...
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    Trying to keep a Range Rover on the Road. She is a 2002 MK. 3 and I have had a lot of fault lights recently. Waiting on a reconditioned ABS unit at present. But fearful I might have other problems. She drives well ans has been well minded so on here to learn more about common faults.
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    Back in the Land Rover fold after several years absence. Have previously owned Defenders , a couple of 101's and a two year old 1990 Range Rover SE (also with a retrofitted tuned 4.6 V8 engine). Just bought a 2008 TDV8 Vogue with a few Overfinch and Kahn mods.
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    Hard core Defender owner succumbed to the comfort of the Range Rover ...this forum is full of info and people that are only to pleased to help I look forward to sharing my calamities with you all ....:)
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    just joined ,hope to seek wisdom required owning range rovers !
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    Hi all. Had my '99 P38 4.6HSE for about 5 years now, been through all the normal teething problems with the EAS etc and found the forum a very useful and helpful place to resolve most issues. Great to be a part of an excellent community. Kind regards to all, Dave
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    Just wanted to say hello as i'm a new member from Dublin Ireland.
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    Hey Guys Olly here from Cork, Rep of Ireland.
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    Hi every one so I've been looking at buying a Range Rover sport for a long time so one has poped up and it's damaged its 3.6 hse so I went for it as it was damaged I though this would be the best time to do a 2010-2012 full conversion so I went and bought a full wide arch Bodykit new lights and...
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    New Range Rover owner. not new car- I wish, but new to Range rover. Have a L322 03 HSE 3.0. Nice car, needs bit of work, but enjoying the space and fit out. Need some interior work done. cheers, Des
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    Hi all Thanks for letting me join the forum hope to find loads out before i buy my L322
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    Hi all. I'm Dave from Bray in County Wicklow and I'm on my 5th Range Rover. I love them, "warts and all". I've had two classics, I a 3.5V8 petrol/LPG (never again) one with a 300TDI power plant, one 4.2 V8 LSE, and two P38 DSE's of which my latest of 2 weeks is a black 2000 with a Jeremy Fearn...
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    My names Andy and Im from Ireland. Just bought a 1984 RRC with a mazda 3.5 conversion ! Used to own a 72 2 Door V8 a few years ago. Also own a Disco 1 300TDi :) Thanks :)
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    Hey Guys!! Bjornabe here from ireland.. Have a 1999 p38 2.5l diesel for a few months now.. Loving it!! Want to get on the forum to get to know it a bit better and see if i can learn some stuff.. Talk soon
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    Java Black, full Project Kahn 2007
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    Bought myself a P38 yesterday and I am starting to iron out its quibbles, look forward to all of them, love working on my cars. I am best know just as Phil, and look forward to getting to know fellow forum members. :)