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  1. Can stepper motor (IACV) affect higher engine speeds?

    Range Rover Classic
    Trying to troubleshoot the mysterious (yet common, if I go by past posts) intermittent surging, stumbling, idling issues I'm having on my 93 LWB, and I'm wondering if the IACV can have an effect at higher engine speeds. I replaced it less than 2k miles ago, doesn't seem like that COULD be the...
  2. IACV / Stepper Motor / Idle Air Control Valve Cheap

    Range Rover Classic
    In my 1994 RRC I replaced the IACV with a generic Chevy unit a few years ago. It does function, but the distance per step is too far. Meaning it will open the valve on engine shut off, but when it closes it, it happens too fast (each step moves the valve face too much). When cold, not an...
  3. IACV Replacement - plunger length?

    Range Rover Classic
    This is the new AC Delco IACV I received (P/N 217-437) Do I need to adjust the plunger length/depth prior to installation, or is that resolved with initial activation?
  4. Deals on Stepper Motors?

    Range Rover Classic
    I need to purchase a stepper motor sometime shortly, and I was hoping to save some $. Does anyone have a lead on a stepper motor for cheap? Is there a vehicle that uses the same one as the Classics? With the cost of maintaining a 20+ year old rover being as much as it is, it's always great to...
  5. Rangerover 2.5 Dse Auto IACV and Throttle body location

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    I have laboured on this vehicle for 2 days trying to identify the IACV and throttle body. I read online that I may have to clean the IACV as the vehicle revs up and down and sometimes does not idle. Though I have cleaned IACV in a Renault Megane before but honestly I do not know what to look for...
  6. Valve timing, iacv or adaptive reset?

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi all, So a little while ago, the tapping noise from my '99 4.6HSE became terminal, as the head gasket blew into the water gallery and left me on the side of the motorway. Still, it gave me a good opportunity to fix all those other little things too! Anyway, I pulled the heads, got them...
  7. Seeking advice on direct wiring from ECU to IACV

    Range Rover Classic
    My Rover left me stranded this morning in a left turn lane at a busy intersection. Fun, fun. It stalled again and would not start. Blocked traffic for over an hour and finally got it towed home and whereas, in the past it would start after it cooled down, it's still dead in the driveway...
  8. Idle Issues- Already Replaced IACV

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    I'm new here...but know forum etiquette. ...have read threads for 3 days, downloaded and read RAVE. ... am fairly mechanically inclined and understand how most systems work. I have 1998 4.0L. Had developed low idle at stops, especially with airconditioning on. Otherwise was running very...
  9. IACV wear

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi All, Lurker here, think I introduced myself 5 years ago, just haven't had much time since then and the 322 has been dealer serviced ! Decided it's time to give the 97 p38 the TLC it needs. She has a bit of a lumpy idle issue and slight hesitation on pull off and in gear throttle...