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  1. New 1991 RCC Hunter Edition

    Range Rover Classic
    Just recovered a lost Hunter Edition vintage 1991 grew up in LA and lived with Broker at Solomon Bros. ( Ivan B?) shipped to NY in 2004 and stored in Greenwich all these years time capsule and immaculate example of a forgotten version. think it's great and better than my neighbors G Wagon 200...
  2. New '91 Hunter owner - seeking previous owner

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi all - Purchased a 1991 Hunter from Sonoma County on a whim a few months back, and subsequently took it off-roading the very next morning. To make a real long story short I didn't have enough time to have my tech go over the truck and it survived the ~120 miles to/from and the weekend of...
  3. 1991 RRC Hunter - Build Thread

    Range Rover Classic
    Unrestored, in need of some TLC. Rust-free example from Idaho. This is my second Rover, first RRC. Known issues: Broken right front axle Failing tie rod ends Failing rear brakes Failing water pump Horrible window tint Numerous cosmetic issues inside and out. Planned upgrades: Springs...
  4. First a D110, Now a RRC Hunter

    New Member Introductions
    This past December, when the door closed on the semi-reluctant sale of my first Land Rover D110, I comforted myself in the knowledge that another door would eventually open. What I didn't anticipate was just how consumed I would be by the void of Land Rover loss. And thus I found myself at all...
  5. 91 RR hunter

    Range Rover Classic
    A coworker of mine has a 91 RR hunter. Bought 2 years ago. He liked it so much after 2 weeks of driving it he paid 15 k to have it factory restored 3/4 of the way through the restore the shop was sued an went out of business. All it needs is the interior reinstalled and body Panels put back on...
  6. New 1991 Hunter Edition Owner

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi gang, Complete newbie to the RR family, but willing to listen and learn. Just brought home my 1991 Hunter Edition Classic tonight. The interior is exceptional and the exterior is in great shape as well. However I do have some questions for the experienced owners: The Rover came with a...
  7. Noob with a classic 1991 Range Rover Hunter Edition

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, Glad to be here. Drove home my white 1991 Hunter Edition RR today, and i am still smiling! 173,000 miles and it runs strong and is the perfect third car for the dogs the beaches and the mountains. Bill