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    Hello all. I am one of the unfortunate souls that fell in love with the LWB classics. It's been a 20year love/hate relationship that I wouldn't ever trade in. With the help of the internet and sites like this, I've been able to do all my own maintenance, repairs, and one complete restoration...
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    Greeting! I am a soon to be owner of a 2012 Range Rover supercharged with 33K on the odometer. Looking forward to the interaction as I blaze a new path being the owner of a Land Rover. It is something I have always wanted and this opportunity just fell into my hands. I am glad there is a...
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    New member here from Savannah, GA. Posted one question in General already. I'm here to research a possible replacement for my 2016 Wrangler Rubicon late next year. Off-road capability is a must. Got to figure out which RR model is the best one off-road. There are many to choose from!
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    Hello everyone from around the world..I am glad to be apart of RR lovers and hope I can gain some knowledge from the experienced owners for minor to major headaches with this vehicles. Thanks
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    Hello! New to the Rover Forums. Been very active on other enthusiast communities and exciting to learn and contribute. I work in the Car Business and have personally owned quite a few Rovers including: 97 Disco SE 04 Disco II SE7 06 Fullsize HSE 08 Westminster - Current 10 Sport LUX Cheers!
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    I'm curious newbie to this verry interesting site. I owne a 1991 R Rover County since new, and have never had any problem with her (she's a Queen, of course) until now....which led me to this forum of like-minded Rovers. Hope to make some new friends and solve a problem or two. Thanks, Keelo
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    I am a member for a couple of years now, or as someone else said, long time lurker - first time poster. BTW - locals refer to the SF Bay Area as northern California, which is not in NORTHERN California at all.
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    Great site. Hoping my vehicle doesn't give me reasons to test the collective braintrust of this community. But great to know you're there.
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    Hello guys, i'm a electrician and realy happy to join this big family to learn and share. hope i'm welcome!
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    Hello: Just finally decided to register as I have been a several year follower! My first RRS was a 2011 Santorini & have just leased a 2014 RRS HSE Fuji to replace the 2011. Love the new model! All the best. jps
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    Hi..good days to all..new to this site and also just took delivery of L405 SDV8 this week. Looking forward to meet new frens here..cheerssss!!
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    Hello, I just got this nice L322 to replace my P38. Yes, I really miss my P38. But, the show must go on. Thanks for this great website for the Range Rover Lover.
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    What's up folks? Got myself a 2007 RRS couple weeks ago, previously owned a 2000 Trans AM. Love'n the RRS so far!
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    Dear forum members, I'm Deepti choudhary from pink city(jaipur) India, I love driving especially racing car, I dont have any racing car, i've just simple BMW X1 car, but a big fan of Formula 1 racing, And after inspiring those racing, I start with my friends by sweet car. :)
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    My name is Wolfgang, 25 years old, born and raised in Costa Rica. My parents always owned Defenders and Range Rovers and we would always do offroad camping trips around the jungles and beaches. My dad is from Germany and at my age he did a 3 year Safari trip around Asia and then Africa. He...
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    Hello everyone.
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    Hi all Found this forum when I was searching for a solution On some problems with my p38 So first things first An introduction live near Antwerp Belgium Had a freelander for 6 years till The moment that she sadly went up in flames So now I own a '98 p38 2.5 dse holland&holland That's...
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    Hello all, I just wanted give thanks to everyone in this website, I'm new to the forums and land rover. I'm currently looking to purchased a 2005 range rove hse, I have learned so much just this couples of days. And again thanks a lot this is going to be a great RR family .
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    Hi, Have read very good stuff from RangeRovers.net and don't know why I haven't join before, really. Mine's a 2001 diesel manual which I had shipped out from Scotland to Tanzania, where I live. I'm a bit off the beaten track, here, so I'm not tempted to take it to the main dealer as it's a 2-3...