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  1. Solenoids for transmission

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello My gearbox i slow to get into D and R right after startup of the engine. everything is ok after 30 seconds or if I push the engine up to 2000-2500 rpms a few times. Oil level on gearbox is ok. I think it is time to replace the solenoids on the gearbox (235000 km).... Does anyone know...
  2. TDV8 6HP26 Gearbox Strange Behavior or something else - Need a little bit of help :)

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello to all of you , i would like to have the expertise and a little help about the problem i have on my Range Rover FF L322 TDV8 3.6L Year 2007 Let me expain a bit the history of the car I bought the car in Italy ( Im from France ) quite cheap ( 4000 euros ) from a dealer because the car had...
  3. 2007 L322 auto gearshift not clicking properly into ”D” drive.

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi. I have noticed that when pulling back the auto gearshift it has started to not securely click into D drive. I first noticed it when sitting in “N” in traffic, then when I thought I had put it into D, it wasn’t in gear. If I then “reclick” it into D it is then usually ok - until the next...
  4. L405 gearbox slipping in reverse

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    I have a problem with gearbox slipping in reverse, but only in the morning when the car is cold. I attach the YouTube video. The car is l405 2017, 4,4 sdv8 The service make numerous diagnostic but didn't done anything. Any suggestion? https://youtu.be/FYcNUgc596s
  5. Nanocom "engine torque fault" on 1995 Auto 4.6 Gearbox

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Nanocom "engine torque fault" on 1995 Auto 4.6 Gearbox I have a number of issues with the old girl, the latest of which is GEARBOX FAULT, possibly related to a missfire but maybe battery/alternator (yeah I've done the electrical sticky). I've changed battery leads as they were causing a bit of...
  6. Gearbox advice please

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi everyone I’ve just joined and I wondered if could seek some advice from those in the know better than me please ? I have a 2007 3.6 TDV8 92k which I’ve recently bought ( briefly owned a l322 4.4 petrol previously). I purchased it as a calculated risk but the risk doesn’t appear to be paying...
  7. 8hp70 gearbox symptoms

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Looking for help diagnosing the fault on my transmission . When i drive slow i get a small pulsation when driving in D . If i use sport this pulsation seems to have gone . But i seem to notice the pulsation again when in sport and it goes into 2nd . also when reversing i seem to notice this...
  8. Gearbox issue

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I recently purchased a 2003 L322 hse 4.4 v8 that was cheap, it’s been running ok but has now developed a thump or jump into first gear when hot. Runs fine after this but when I come to a stop it sort of hesitates then thumps back into 1st and away we go. Doesn’t do this at all while it’s cold...
  9. I’ve bust my RR gearbox by going cheap!

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Had the car for 2 months now with 144k on the clock. Decided to change all the fluids including gearbox. Bought the cheaper oil by Smith and Allan M1375.4, drained the box and refilled 4ltrs of new oil. This solved many issues with gear change and judder when climbing hills. A week later I...
  10. 8hp70 gearbox help

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi I have a 4.4tdv8 2010 . The car when cold has a sort of pulsation when driving at slow speeds . In all gears and reverse. And also sport . I've changed the gearbox oil and filter . When it's warmed up it doesn't happen. Can this be a gearbox issue or gearbox torque converter .no error...
  11. Found my Gearbox Fault - reluctor ring is freely spinning

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Howdy, I gave up on figuring out my gearbox fault on my own and took my P38 in to the local Rover doctor. My problem is that I am not getting a speed signal from the transmission, I went through everything electrical that I could to no avail. The shop i took it too took the pan of the...
  12. TDV8 2011 4.4 Gearbox Oil Change

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi & my apologiesfor asking help on this subject as I have seen some similar replies in theForum during several searches, but I really need some help from experienced peoplein the know for helping me look at changing the gearbox oil in my RR Vogue TDV84.4 2011. They say the oil is for life in...
  13. Silly question gearbox concern.

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi 2008 3.6tdv8 had the trans failsafe come up two weeks ago (code 3rd gear ratio implausible.Also had the problem with slipping out of gear - fixed by replace gear linkage cable pivot. Trying to gain confidence in the car. My question is when driving if i take my foot of the throttle the revs...
  14. Problem with gearbox Error code P0741

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    My name is Willy, I live in France and I am the proud owner of a discovery 3 of 2006. I bought recently (6 months) a discovery of 230000 kilometers (gearbox had never been drained) From the beginning, I had problems of idle speed variation in steady speed. I made a first drain. The...
  15. Over revving in first gear 2007 4.2 sc

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi does anyone know what this fault could be? Only does it in when accelerating hard and have to back off the pedal
  16. Strange Gearbox Issue

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Ok Strange problem this morning. Car is a 3.6Tdv8 2008 144,000 Miles on the clock has had Transmission fluid changed in Jan and new torque converter in April has been running fine. This morning i noticed the revs drop to idle when i put my foot on the brake to slow down, like the gearbox had...
  17. Easy way to trigger a Gearbox Fault while stopped?

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    So, why would I want to do such a stupid thing? I am having issues with the transmission in my P38 where the Gearbox fault triggers at speed. This puts it into limp mode in 4th gear. If I could get it to fault while stationary that would put it in 3rd gear for limp mode. I have been...
  18. Is this gearbox compatible?

    Range Rover Classic
    I think the transmission has given up on my '92 County LWB. I have a friend with a ZF 4HP-22 box I can have. He doesn't know what vehicle it came from other than it was attached to a Rover engine. I believe that the model number is correct but understand the version in the Classic is modified...
  19. 2006 4.4L - AJV8 - Gearbox Slipping

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice. I have newly bought a 2006 Range Rover, 4.4L Jaguar V8, with the 6 speed automatic (ZF6HP26?). 62k miles. Later engine and gearbox but pre-facelift dashboard, manual handbrake, etc. My first Land Rover product, I was really impressed by it... I've done...
  20. 5l40e gearbox rebuilder

    General Chatter
    Can anybody recommend a rebuilder in the North West of England? Thanks in advance Denis, Wigan.