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  1. Chasing Power Seat Electrical Gremlins, '91 RRC GDE

    Range Rover Classic
    Hey Guys! New here... I recently added '91 Range Rover Great Divide Edition #247 to my stables and have been working on getting everything back to working order. I typed a very long post explaining all the details o what I have just been through tying to track this issue down and it was all...
  2. new to the range rover game - picked up a 91 GDE

    Range Rover Classic
    Bought a 91 GDE in pretty decent shape with 117k miles last weekend for $850 off craigslist. So far I've just been figuring out what needs to be fixed up for reliability and driveability. Replacing the drivers door window, windshield wiper motor and fixing the exhaust leaks at the...