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    Howdy, new member here. I have just bought my first RR a Black 1998 P38 HSE 4.6 V8. Am absolutely loving it!!! Bought it cheap ($1,500 AUD) and will be using it as my daily driver. Plan to do most work myself, but will also use my local Land Rover Indy, who also owns and loves P38s, for...
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    Hi all, I'm from Esperance West Australia. I sort of inherited a Classic 1986 3.5l Range Rover. A cousin from the East, N.S.W, drove this particular vehicle over to Perth and stay for a little while. He then left by flight and the vehicle stayed on my sister's lawn for a couple of years...
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    New member and new owner of an RRS, its a 2013 RRS HSE LUX currently modifying exterior looks and planning to upgrade the audio from the stock Harman Kardon high line system.
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    Hi Folks, I'm from Western Australia and a newcomer to the RR brand. at.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello from Melbourne, Past Rangie owner- Blue Vogue 1990 Auto Old age and regret (why did I sell it ? :-) ) have caught up with me - seek to buy an old Rangie - probably '90-95, Seriously considering, depending on the state of vehicles engine, bringing about an upgrade possibly LS...
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    Just hopped back on the Range Rover merrygoround with the acquisition of an 05 RRS 4.2 supercharged. I confess I have done it before, having had an 84 classic with the twin strombergs and really should know better. It puts a smile on the dial though; I'm over in NZ and plan some trips to the...
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    Hello, Just popped in to say Hi. I have a close relationship with my 87 Rangie Classic that I've had for many years. Regards Mark
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    Hi all. I've have 4 Rangerovers, love em. 86 Highline with off road trimmings, a P38, then a 95 soft dash classic, and now a 2005 HSE with the BMW 4.4 4 cam. Always enjoyed (well mostly) working on them and have considered them to be the best 4wd's money can buy. When buying my first 4by in...
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    Hi All, New 2002 4.4 HSE owner here. Bought the vehicle knowing it would need a few things fixed, and im just capable enough to be dangerous so I thought id better sign up! Cheers Morgan
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    Hi all. I am a new member from Tasmania Australia with a 98 P38. I have had the car for about 6 years. The reason for joining is to benefit from the vast experience the group has got to keep the old girl going Gibonsky.
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    Hello to you all, I have had my 2013 Range Rover Sport from new and am interested in this website as there seems to be a lot of International Flavour to it, I look forward to seeing what you are all up to and how you are enjoying your machines.
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    Just a quick hello to all those fellow Range Rover owners let beat the stealers at there own game. There is power in numbers.
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    G'day all, 366 days ago. Never owned a RR before, never worked on a car before 365 days ago. Bought a RRC 364 days ago. Made a list of all the things that needed "work" 363 days ago. Started reading this forum 320 days ago. Replaced EAS sensor 280 days ago. Fixed the cruise control 250 days...
  14. New Member Introductions
    My favourite part of the experience of buying a new car is the researching what car would best suit my needs. I've found forums the best place to rely on honest answers about things the dealers can't or won't tell you.
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hi there. My name is Tony, I live in Australia. I have just picked up a sept 94 Classic with the softdash, and associated EAS issues. I am part of an Australian forum as well, but keep coming back here for lots of useful info, so hopefully you don't mind too much! Thanks
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    Cheers from far north coast of NSW, Australia, not far from Byron Bay. Hot was 35C yesterday and about 29 now. Thinking about reliving my earlier RR ownership days. I have very fond memories of the old girl, and still see it driving around town. I personally only had a few things go wrong with...
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    G'Day from a P38A owner from down under. After reading through these forums I keep asking myself, what have I done!
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    I am the Daughter & Sister of Land Rover obsessed Men! Unfortunately, Dad gone now, and Bro in UK without one for the first time in his life! Dad bought me my Range Rover 17 years ago, and I love her dearly, despite recent years of 'Prince of Darkness' issues!! I also have a Land Rover...
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    Hi all, Just arrived home to Brisbane today from Sydney, where I bought a 2008 sport. Car is great to drive, couple of little things to look at but nothing major. Hope to see everyone around the forums. Chris
  20. New Member Introductions
    HELLO all new here but the site looks cool I have a 1989 Range Rover Vogue thats only done 195320 klms great town car But as a 4x4 it is AWESOME!!!! I look after it and she looks after me bye for now Rowan