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  1. Large gathering of Rover enthusiats in DC, MD, VA

    General Chatter
    Every 3 Thursday, Rover enthusiasts in the DC, MD and VA area gather for happy hour. Tonight there were over 20 Rovers, mostly Series and Defenders (there were 2 Tithonus 110's that came FOB from the port of Baltimore). Great group of people and some amazing Land Rovers. Here are some pics.
  2. Small Range Rover gathering in Qatar

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    This is small RR gathering happened in the pearl in Qatar. Photos from Instagram. http://instagram.com/p/nireykyTot/ http://instagram.com/p/niIsHpSTi7/ http://instagram.com/p/ngJGntSTjJ/ A video http://instagram.com/p/ngHCySSTvq/