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  1. P38 garages Dublin.

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi, I am interested to find out whether there are any service/maintenance/bodywork P38 garages in or around Dublin, Ireland, or to the north of Dublin, or perhaps Northern Ireland. I am aware of Kings of Wicklow but that is an hour or more from where I live. It is just too far to go for a small...
  2. RR Classic Restoration Garages - Midlands

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello, Any recommendations for a specialist in the Midlands that can do a restoration on a 1990 Classic? We have the new chassis and a reconditioned bodyshell, but need to get a company to do to the work. Closer to Lichfield/Burton on Trent the better really. Thank you. Keith
  3. Garages

    Range Rover Classic
    Since we have the excellent "What did you do today...?" thread, I thought I'd add a Garage thread to post your garage setups. I just finished my garage on a budget: - Drywall and paint $2K to have it done professionally - 3/4" rubber gym flooring, $900 ($42 per 4x6 sheet off craigslist) -...
  4. Boston Area Independent Garages

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Can anyone recommend a Boston based independent garage for my 2010 RRS SC?
  5. **INFO** Owner Recommended Garages

    General Chatter
    Finding a garage capable of working on your Range Rover can prove difficult. So, I’m asking you – the owners – to help compile a list of Range Rover friendly garages which you have used in the past. Please copy this format to make life easy for me to compile the information: Location: [North...