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  1. EAS will not raise. Sound familiar?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Right, from the beginning. Took the RR in for a service, and she blew two coolant hoses while being washed, apparently. Anyway, 1 week later, she sank to the bump stops and would not rise, throwing up a 'system will run when cool' message. I checked for leaks, took the compressor filter apart...
  2. Ex- BMW owner , familiar with RR 2003

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, Am ex- BMW owner , i have 5th, 7th , X5 , i owned most of 90s and early 2000s BMWs ; recently i bought 2003 RR , in good conditions , driving this car is similar experience of driving BMW E38 but high ride and 4x4 capability. i had a LPG conversion , still looking around for relocate the...
  3. Anyone Familiar with Off-Road Course @Gladstone, NJ US Equestrian Facility?

    General Chatter
    Anyone Familiar with Off-Road Course @Gladstone, NJ US Equestrian Facility? Hi Fellas, Quick question: we were invited to go to a dealership event with Land Rover Monmouth (NJ) that takes place at the US Equestrian Facility in Gladstone, NJ on Sept 14th. Is anyone familiar with this course...
  4. SupaCat looks familiar

    General Chatter
    They say it is derived from the defender and ralley cars but wow look at those familiar headlights. http://www.supacat.com/products/defence/lrv-400/
  5. The RR L405 Looks Familiar

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    Browsing the new spy shots of the upcoming RR L405, I noticed that parts of it look really familiar. Am I crazy, or does that shell look a lot like the P38's? And the headlights take after the Classic... It'd be interesting if the finished model looked like this and someone tried to upgrade the...