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  1. Nanocom Evolution Users...

    Diagnostic Equipment
    I have a favor to ask. :) Can you verify that you can edit the CCF successfully to modify the main odometer units (the one in the speedometer) between km and mi? I need to know this for a 2008 RRS. Any takers? Thanks! Francis
  2. NANOCOM EVOLUTION & Maxidas D708

    Diagnostic Equipment
    NANOCOM EVOLUTION and Maxidas D708. I am wondering if anyone try one of this computer before and what is your thought? Do you have a better solucion for a computer that can handle The RR 2003 L322 USA and the Discovery II 2000 USA. I want to be able to do as much as i can with them like for...
  3. Bosch Evolution rear wiper install

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello All, All data points suggest this blade will fit onto the control arm (Bosch website, Autozone, etc). However, I can't seem to figure out how. Also, no youtube video tutorials. Any advice much appreciated.Thanks in advance.
  4. Re: BBS Nanocom Evolution

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Re: BBS Nanocom Evolution Hi all, I was wondering if anybody else out there has bought a Nanocom Evolution diagnostic unit from BBS. Well i have and though i am happy with it there is a bug bare issue with it. It seems to operate fine except when it comes to communicating with the...
  5. Rear Tyre Carrier - Evolution

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Started out early 2012 with the idea of a tyre carrier that did not require removal of the standard P38 bumper and for the sake of trying something different went with a gull-wing style. Using a 120lb gas strut to assist, the assembly worked well and for 2012 I ran with this design. Two real...
  6. What's the difference between Nanocom Evolution cables?

    Diagnostic Equipment
    I've borrowed a friend's Nanocom (he has a D2 TD5), and bought a Motronic activation code for it. But it doesn't work on my P38, I'm getting a "vehicle identification error". I'm getting the error when going to Motronic through the D2 or P38 menus. Does anyone know what the difference is...
  7. Faultmate MSV-2 v. Nanocom Evolution

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Is there are functional difference between these devices? I understand the Faultmate is VIN specific and costs more, but does it do more? Thanks in advance. Greg 1998 RR 4.0 NAS