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  1. Will Disco 2 fog lights fit?

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Just wodnering if anyone knows wether the sqaure Disco 2 fog lights will fit the p38. Can get a set cheaply thats all. Thanks again.
  2. Can I hang it here? Bought a disco

    General Chatter
    Was supposed to say can i hang out here stupid auto correct anyways Love at first sight. Bare bones 95, 155,000km. Needs tires and brakes for a safety and some minor work. Overall drives nice, bit of rust starting. Not bad for 1400 bones
  3. Front end swap with a '96 disco??

    Range Rover Classic
    I am in need of a new viscous coupling in my 1995 RRC LWB and have been dragging my feet on buying the part, 800.00, ouch!!. My mechanic has found a 1996 Discovery at a local junkyard and says that the front end looks to be the same. I think the entire front end could be had fairly cheap and if...