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  1. ARB Bull Bar for Disco 2 on P38?

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    So quite a few threads that this is doable, but any forum members put one on? Or any aftermarket (aside from Terrafirma) that is actually currently avail in the US? 4x4 in Poland can ship one over, for about the same price as the ARB domestically....but wondering if other options are actually...
  2. Disco to 2009 L322 with 90k - what to expect?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hey guys - I have an 02 discovery and looking to jump into an 09 RR FFRR Lux with 90k miles. Owner bought it from dealership about 2 years ago and hasn't done too much maintenance wise but also hasn't had any issues. He is asking $13k - I'd like it for around $10-11k - its very clean, black on...
  3. RRC and Disco 1 4HP22 interchangeability

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello everybody, I am currently looking for a new automatic zf 4HP22 gearbox for my 3.9L 1989 Range Rover Classic as the old one has broken down. I have now come upon a 4HP22 gearbox that was taken from a 3.9L 1995 Discovery 1. Are these directly interchangeable? Thank you in advance!
  4. Bat terminal q's, can I disco this cable w no issues? PIC

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I poking around the engine bay the other day and noticed that the cap covering the positive battery terminal was not installed. I'm assuming when the battery was replaced, someone just didn't install the cap correctly. As I try to install it, I see it doesn't fit. My assumption is that I have...
  5. Disco to Classic engine swap

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi All Excited to get the new to me Range Rover Classic on the road. I just picked up a 1990 Rover County It had been sitting in a neighbors yard for a few years. Her husband worked on it and then passed away. She gave it to me to do what I want. I went through the vehicle, cleaned it up as...
  6. 1990's disco rims on a 2006 Range Rover?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I have a set of older Disco rims that I meant to mount on my P38, now have a 2006 Range Rover, since they are deeply buried , I would appreciate if anyone already knows if they would fit or not? thanks for any help
  7. Door window trim interchangeable with Disco 1?

    Range Rover Classic
    My 1993 RRC SWB needs new window trim pieces: the part that clips onto the window sill and sandwiches the sliding glass on all 4 doors - fuzzy on the glass side, rubber squeegee on the outside. Is this part interchangeable with the trim piece on a Discovery 1? I'm having difficulty finding...
  8. Disco 1 AC compressor on P38

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi! Anyone knows if the AC compressor of the Disco 1 fits on my 1997 P38?
  9. Loaner - Feature not on L405 yet on 17 Disco Sport

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    I picked up a loaner while I hope I get a few software updates (AEB / Fuel Gauge)...but noticed on the Disco Sport that I was able to view and reply to my SMS messages...I wonder why that did not make it to the L405 in the 17 MY...also surprised after talking to the Service Adviser that the L405...
  10. Replacing the HK DSP Amp with an E46 / Disco 2 HK Amp

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    I've seen a few posts on this subject before but all the ones I've seen said that only certain (mostly front) speakers will work. Having finally completely blown up my DSP, I bought an E46 amp and have managed to get all 12 speakers working properly. It's not too hard but does involve running...
  11. successfully got Disco II seat switches working!

    Range Rover Classic
    I replaced my tan center console with a nice black one complete with cupholders in my 95 classic LWB. I wanted to use the stock disco seat switches and dump the pods. As I'm the only driver I didn't care about seat memory as I didn't use it anyway. After studying both schematics, I now have...
  12. will seats from an '03 disco swap into a '95 classic LWB?

    Range Rover Classic
    I know a lot of parts will swap between discos and classics. I have a nice black center console from an '03 disco in my classic and I'm thinking of going back for the whole dash. My center dash bezel is from a disco. Just used a dremel tool to trim down the lip and perfect fit. Can the seats be...
  13. ARB Disco bumpers on P38

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Just wondering if the front bumpers(ARB) of a disco 1 or 2 will fit the p38, if not could they be modified to fit.. I want to buy a disco for another project. `)
  14. Buying advice with photos, comgining 95 RRC or 96 disco 1?

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi, I this is my first post, thanks for reading! I am about to join RRC family but I am having hard time finding a usable RRC, of any year. I live in Dominican and just 3~4 RRC on sale every year, must of them are worn and no working t-case, but, they are cheap, can be have for USD 1k, some...
  15. Disco 1 axles in 95 LWB

    Range Rover Classic
    So my rear diff just went out in my 1995 Classic and I was wondering if anyone knew if I could just swap in a Discovery 1 rear axle instead of having to rebuild mine? Thanks!
  16. Talk me out of a Disco.

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    I'm considering selling my 96 p38 and buying a 2004 Disco2. I know they have some problems too. I'm getting to know my truck inside and out and I'm not looking forward to learning a new vehicle but with 182000 on the odometer I'm just waiting for something big to break. Anyone here have any...
  17. 03 Disco rearview mirror to 02 Range Rover P38A

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Read posts about converting standard auto-dim rearview mirror to one with a compass by swapping with LR Discovery mirror. Bought a LR Disco Mirror. Plugs match. Disco's compass works when plugged up to RR socket and key on. Problem: Mountings to windshield are not the same (see photo). The...
  18. Rover Decisions - To buy or not to buy

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    I have been on this forum for a couple years and have benefited from the advice and information that all have posted. Now it's time for me to solicit some advice / suggestions. I have an 07 RRS Supercharged, Lucky8 rocks sliders, and Nitto Tera Grapplers on 20" wheels provide the needed...
  19. new Disco top 10 worst of 2015???

    General Chatter
    Consumer Reports named the new Disco at on of the top 10 worst cars of 2015?? Cited poor steering and transmission. I haven't driven one yet but this surprised me.
  20. Disco to Rover...I just came over

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Well after 3 plus years of Disco II Mania I just sold my 99 that I used to pull the boat around and for general driving. Nothing too heavy as 4 wheeling or cliff type adventures. It had 218 on it. Bought it for $2500 and sold it for $2300 so I cant complain. I did learn quite a bit and did all...