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  1. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi All, Just changed the bulbs in the HEVAC unit and now the rotary control know won't click back ... think I've broken something. How can I re attached it? Humph!
  2. Range Rover Sport / L320
    So not too long ago Is started noticing the fabric on my A-Pillars was coming off on my 2006 RRS HSE. It looks awful if left alone, so it's one of those cosmetic things that needs fixing. I asked how to do this a few days ago, and was directed to...
  3. Range Rover Sport / L320
    Detached front pillar fabric liner (maybe from sun exposure), any ideas? So I've been parking my car outside recently, and while I use a sun-shade to protect the dash, the pillars are exposed and the cloth has detached (see photo). It looks like ass and I don't like it, you guys have any ideas...
  4. Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi, First post on here. I am having a major issue with my P38 bottom tailgate. The top half works as normal. The bottom left actuator rod is functioning OK, but the bottom right actuator rod has unseated on both sides i.e. it is basically floating in the tailgate. Is there any way to...
1-4 of 5 Results