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  1. EAS Compressor and Exhaust Continually Short Cycling

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Trying to depressurise the air suspension system for a valve block refurb using the Britpart Lynx diagnostic system I used the Transport Mode button assuming this was intended to drop the beast onto his bump stops and so let most of the air out. Desperation manoeuvre really as I couldn't find...
  2. Touch Screen cycling on / off - trailer tail lights flashing

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I have a 2008 L322 SC. I acquired a small trailer and the first time I plugged the lights in - my touch screen cycles on and off continually. The brake lights on the trailer will flash slowly even when the off, key removed. I did have the windows tinted with ceramic heat shield a few days...
  3. A/V RAdio and av keep cycling on and off

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello. In my 2009 HSE, the A/V system keeps shutting down and powering up. When I start the truck, the radio goes on as normal. Them, after 16 seconds (ALWAYS 16 seconds) it powers down and is off for 20 seconds (ALWAYS 20 seconds) before powering up again. This will keep on keeping on as...
  4. '95 ABS Relays and Pump Cycling

    Range Rover Classic
    Background 1995 LWB with 51k original miles - so a lot of original equipment still in play. A month or so back I replaced the accumulator and fully bled the system. This stopped the cycling of the ABS pump and all seemed well. First-start pump cycle time and the number of brake applications...
  5. For Cyclists or Cycling Fans

    General Chatter
    Pinarello have introduced yet another Dogma. I hear you say "So what, why you posting it here Jag" !!?? Well, I'll tell you why, it was co-designed by Jaguar/Landrover in their wind tunnel. Apparently it's going to be Team Sky's new weapon in the TDF this year.
  6. Classic central locking cycling

    Range Rover Classic
    I have a range Rover Classic LSE 4.2 1993 model. Owned for about six months and slowly working through all the usual problems with replacing sills and wheel arches. The central locking works with the key, no remote. For the first month or so everything was ok and I could lock the car from the...